Village Seafood Buffet at the Rio

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Monday - Friday: 4pm - 10pm $40
Saturday & Sunday: 3:30pm - 10pm $40

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Mavens Overview: Village Seafood

The Rio must love buffets, because they have not just one, but two signature Vegas buffets. The have iconic Carnival World Buffet, and The Village Seafood Buffet. The Village Seafood specializes in what? Seafood, of course.

The Vegas Buffet scene has gotten much more sophisticated over the last decade or so, thirty years ago patrons would have been dazzled to get made from scratch mashed potatoes instead of instant mashed. Now patrons expect near gourmet level cuisine, which The Bellagio Buffet comes amazingly close to providing. Hence, The Village Seafood Buffet faces very high expectations, which if you read the Internet Buzz, many feel this buffet falls short of reaching. So, like many things in life, high expectations can lead to disappointment. That said, if you have more reasonable expectations about what a all-you-can-eat $40 Seafood Buffet can deliver, you should be more than satisfied at Village Seafood.

The Village Seafood Buffet has undergone a recent renovation, as described below in an excerpt from their web site:

The Village Seafood Buffet is now open following an extensive remodeling of its bold, colorful 13,000 sq. ft. space. that includes a grand new entrance, artwork by Brad Holland and an all-new sound and light system providing crisp sound quality and a kaleidoscope of visual effects to accompany the video presentations of culinary craftsmanship, ocean species in their native habitat and spectacular fishing spots around the globe. From Village Seafood Buffet Web Site

Internet Buzz: Village Seafood

  • Wow, probably one of the best buffets that I've tried yet. A bit disappointed in the miniature little lobsters but they were pretty good too. I was picturing whole Maine lobster. Mmm. Generally, everything was good.
  • I looove this place. I want to fly back to LV just to eat here! I would get a full plate of crab legs, lobster tails, claws.. I try to eat little to no starch in this meal, I want to fill up on seafood! It's always fresh and there's so much variety. It's kind of pricey at about $40 per person, and it's always busy.
  • Being a huge seafood fan, I was really looking forward to coming here. Sadly, I was very disappointed by the quality and selection of seafood.
  • I go to this buffet every time I'm in Vegas. It's been delicious the times I've been there. The lobster, crab legs and shrimp are great. Some stuff is just mediocre but they have so many things that aren't. This is the best buffet I've been to in Vegas (the breakfast buffet at Paris is a close second).
  • I'd say this was my 6th or so visit to the seafood buffet, and in all honesty, I don't know why I keep coming back. At $39.99 + tax and tip, it's hardly a bargain. I mean, if their seafood was the best I've ever had, I might not mind, but it's "good" at best...not even "great". Yes, they have baby lobster tails, hot and cold crab legs, deep fried scallops-clams-shrimp, as well as an assortment of sushi, but at the end of the day, it's all seafood I could live without, especially at that price.
  • Oh its been way too long since I've been here! Years perhaps. From what I had recalled from my first visit, it had left me with great impressions on repeat visits. Years later to present day...... Prices jumped from $25 to $39. Full lobsters down to baby lobster tails. I still give it some degree of positivity with the crab legs still being up to par. Sadly, to my disappointment, this will be my last. Thanks for the memories!
  • crab claws, these were delicious, they tasted fresh, not salty, we went for the cold ones, not the hot ones. They were so good that i had quite a few and maybe missed on a few of the other items in the buffet i probably should've tried! - shrimp, pretty good, similar to the majority of the buffets in Vegas. - sushi/sashimi station, the rolls were nothing special, but i wasn't expecting much. The sashimi was surprisingly good considering the buffet format, i suspect because it's so popular they cut it and turn it over quite quickly.



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