McFadden's Restaurant and Saloon at the Rio

Just The Facts, Please.



Dining Hours

Monday - Wednesday: 4pm-2am
Thursday & Friday: 4pm-4am
Saturday: 11am-4am
Sunday: 11am-2am


Brian Ratheun


Irish and American

Price Range


Suggested Attire



24 Beers on Tap.

Sample Menu Items

Shepard's Pie
An Irish favorite done McFadden's style. Slow cooked seasoned ground beef with carrots, peas and sweet corn all cooked in our Chef's beef gravy, topped with mashed potatoes and chedder cheese.

Fish & Chips
Our signature beer battered cod, served with Baltimore fries, coleslaw and a side of tarter.

Irish Bangers
An Irish classic. A GENEROUS portion of Irish pork sausages served over the top of our signature potatoes mashed with bacon, green onions, and topped with brown gravy and a side of coleslaw.



Mavens Overview: McFadden's

McFaddens's at the Rio is a large restaurant/bar, 7,000sq ft, complete with dueling pianos and a very loud sound system. The food, with a nod, a slight nod towards Irish cuisine, gets almost universally poor reviews in the Internet Buzz. You have to go to one of the Vegas shill sites to find glowering reviews of the food. People do seem to enjoy the place as an early evening start the night drinking spot.

Internet Buzz: McFadden's

  • They had a live band that was actually pretty amazing. They did songs that ran the gambit of Johnny Cash, Journey, and AC/DC.The bar definitely needs to work on their sound system though because it's way too loud for the space. I couldn't even talk to the people next to me which I find really annoying.
  • The Wings are the best I have ever freakin had in my life. Seriously. I'm booking a trip back just for the freakin wings. Chili Garlic is unbelievable. The service, not so good.
  • Unlike the stereotypical Vegas nightlife, McFadden's goes out of its way to attract patrons and make sure they have a great time. You don't have to wait in line or pay a cover charge to get in. The drink specials are very generous.
  • This was probably the worst food I have every spent money on; to top it off the waitress overcharged us with an extra beer. If you are going to go here for just the drink specials ($10 dollar all you can drink coors lite and well drinks) it might be ok, but STAY AWAY FROM THE FOOD and especially the "Irish" Nachos.
  • The food was not worth the price. 11.99 burger with cold cheese soggy bun and anemic lettuce. The fries were covered in garlic oil and were tepid. Seriously, there is nothing redeeming about this place. The beer was even flat.
  • It was just okay. Servers were nice, but the food was mediocre. The Irish nachos were made with movie theater cheese instead of real cheese.
  • When the burgers came, they were just as bad. My friend noticed the lettuce on his burger looked close to rotten, the buns were soggy, the actual patty didn't taste too bad but was much smaller than you'd expect from a restaurant burger.
  • Shepherds pie was underseasoned, the French onion soup a joke. Carmelized onions? They might have seen the inside of a warm pan for five minutes or so, no where near the forty five good soup takes.








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