Buzios Seafood Restaurant at the Rio

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Dining Hours

5pm – 10:30pm Sunday through Thursday
5pm - 11pm Friday and Saturday


Matt Borowski



Price Range


Suggested Attire



Overlooks Rio pool area.

Sample Menu Items

Fresh Seafood and Fish flown in fresh daily from around the world.

Live Maine lobster is offered in sizes from 1.5 pounds to 3.5 pounds. The lobster can be served oven-roasted, broiled or poached with drawn butter.

Grilled Beef Tenderloin ($36)

Side of Sauteed Foraged Mushrooms ($8)



Mavens Overview: Buzios

Buzios Seafood Restaurant is located one mile off-strip at the Rio Hotel and Casino. The restaurant is located adjacent to the tropical pool area, and the casual pool atmosphere extends into Buzios.

There is a tank for the lobster, so you can be assured your freshness on the lobster dishes. The restaurant relies on McCarran Airport for the fresh fish served.

The Internet Buzz is mixed, leaning toward favorable, just don't expected to be wowed. Coupons are distributed by the Rio with reasonable frequency, so check with the Casino Players Club or Hotel check-in.

Internet Buzz: Buzios

  • Every year for the WSOP I go out to Vegas with my sister and usually stay a week at the Rio. That generally means more than one trip to Buzio's. Since last year, they have updated the menu and I really like the changes. And my fave is still there :)
  • Never a disappointment. We'd recommend it to all who like seafood or steak. They have a nice bar for those who want to sit and eat. Many tables with pool side views. Reservations are recommended. Don't bring the kids. Too expensive, and they would not enjoy it. This is an adult style restaurant/bar, and you'll leave with fond memories.
  • A great new appetizer is the ahi poke, which is delicious. Small pieces of ahi tossed in macadamia nuts and soy sauce with some avocado. I liked the nuts for the added texture for sure. You can count on Buzio's for fresh fish either cooked or raw.
  • Rio used to be a hip place until Harrah's bought it out. I hadn't eaten here in a while and wasn't sure if it would still taste as good as before. With a buy 1 entree get 1 free coupon, I thought I would take a chance. I was not disappointed.
  • I always get the twin australian lobster tails (steamed) and they are the best lobsters i've had in vegas.
  • Since I wasn't in the mood for seafood, I went with a chicken Caesar. The chicken was obviously pre-cooked and basically flavorless. I'm not sure what the dressing was supposed to be - it certainly wasn't Caesar. The two guests who had the short ribs hardly ate any of their dinners, describing them as having been stewed in their own fat for hours. The only guest who enjoyed her entrée had salmon.
  • This place used to be great years ago but now is only so so. First off this is a seafood restaurant so why is half the menu filled with non-seafood items? Second, a good seafood restaurant should have a menu that's printed daily so they can list whatever fish is fresh. On to the food. I had the bouillabaisse which wasn't bad. However I was hoping for the cioppino which is no longer on the menu (was fantastic). Overall the food was ok but there is definitely better seafood available in Vegas.(February 2009)
  • The ambiance is not necessarily awe-inspiring. The service isn't out-of-this-world. The freshness and the portions, however, are right on! If you are staying at the Rio and want to drop a few bucks on surf (and more surf) and don't necessarily need the hottest place in town, Buzio's is the place to dine. With all the other seafood places in this town, I wouldn't recommend it as a destination place, though.
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