Big Al's Oyster Bar at the Orleans

Just The Facts, Please.


Orleans (Off-Strip)

Dining Hours

Sunday - Thursday 11:00am - 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday 11:00am - Midnight


Big Al, perhaps.


Seafood, Creole

Price Range


Suggested Attire



Counter Service available.

Sample Menu Items

Big Al`s Famous Chowders
Bowl $6.99 Cup $3.99
Boston Clam Chowder / Manhattan Clam Chowder

Clams on the Half Shell
Seasonal selection
Half Dozen…$8.99 Dozen…$14.99

Big Al's Belvedere Shooter…$4.29
Fresh oyster with Belvedere vodka

Shrimp Scampi…$15.99
Shrimp sautéed with fresh herbs, garlic and a creamy white wine sauce over linguini

Steamed Clams...$14.99
In a light wine broth with garlic

Shellfish and fresh fish in a light broth flavored with saffron, Pernod, leeks and herbs



Mavens Overview: Big Al's

Big Al's at the Orleans serves Seafood with a Creole influence. The restaurant is casual by design, with counter service available. Note that the location is Off-Strip although shuttle service is available from Bill's Gambling Hall on the Strip.

The Internet Buzz is favorable for the food and mostly favorable for the service. The Chowders received an exceptional number of favorable reviews ands seems like a must for any patron.

Internet Buzz: Big Al's

  • Out of this world chowder. Sit at the bar and watch the prep that goes into every dish, and you will be wowed. This is the best chowder I have ever had.
  • This place was good. I'm dumb for not ordering the clam chowder though. They make it right in front of you at the oyster bar. We sat at the table. I had the soft shell crab poboy sandwich which was awesome!
  • I got the jambalaya and the portions were huge! The shrimp and the spicy sausage they put in went great together. It was very crowded but they were quick with the food.
  • A cool place off the Strip for oysters. The cioppino is very good. If you go here then make sure you order the clam chowder it is TERRIFIC! If you eat at the bar you can watch them preparing the oysters and other food. This joint is in my top ten places in Las Vegas for oysters!
  • Their clam chowder is out of this world! I kid you not - the best clam chowder I've ever eaten. Hubby says it's only second best - 1st was his dad's homemade. Quite a compliment!
  • We ordered the Seafood Cobb Salad which was very good and quite surprising. I expected a normal bunch of lettuce with the usual Cobb salad dressings, egg, bacon, bleu cheese etc, then with some seafood on top. But this was a big lump of very fresh seafood, crab, shrimp mix I believe and light on the salad portion. Very good and a pleasant surprise.
  • I sat at the counter, which I usually don't do, but it was great. There was lots of interesting activity as the food was prepared right in front of me, and not only was I served by a waitress, but also by the chefs. They were all very attentive and chatty.
  • The salmon was delicious! Tender, smooth texture, and it really just makes you go mmm~! But really, the best of the best at Big Als is the BOSTON CLAM CHOWDER! it's super delicious. It had rice and meat and oohh man mmm~! Super creamy and just the right texture, plus, the bread alone is delish! I would DEFINITELY go here again the next time I visit Las Vegas. YUM!
  • The oysters were fresh but not too tasty. The beer was cold, but the glasses were small. The service was horrible.
  • This place is awesomeness wrapped up inside even more awesomeness. I'm the kind of guy that's always looking for a fairly low key place with great food at a decent price. And surprisingly this place is it if you like seafood. The Bouillabaisse - was EXCELLENT. Sweet pieces of roughly, scallops, shrimp, clams, and muscles, all stewed to perfection in a savory broth served with rice on the side. The chef explained that they usually have Alaskan King Crab but he compensated by giving me more scallops.
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