Chin Chin Cafe at New York New York

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New York New York

Dining Hours

Mon-Fri 7:30am-11pm
Sat-Sun 8am-11pm


No Celebrity Chef



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LA based restaurant

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Sample Menu Items

HUNAN CHICKEN one half chicken / garlic / cilantro / scallions
CRISPY SPICY HONEY SHRIMP lightly battered large tiger shrimp / chili / peppers / scallions/ red bell pepper / honey sauce
JEAN'S LONG LIFE NOODLES flank steak / bean sprouts / onions / carrots / thin egg noodles



Mavens Overview: Chin Chin

Chin Chin Cafe has four location in Los Angeles in addition to this location at New York New York in Las Vegas.

The internet buzz is favorable for Chin Chin Cafe, with the exception of the breakfast buffet, which get mixed reviews. The food is good, the portions are large, the service is good, and the prices are reasonable, what more could you ask for in a Vegas Restaurant.


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Internet Buzz: Chin Chin

  • Went to this place for their breakfast buffet and it was pretty decent for the price. The eggs were okay and the chinese bbq pork was pretty good (maybe the best thing). However, the bacon was flavorless and the home fries hunan chicken were pretty gross. They had a nice selection of pastry and all the drinks you want are included in the price.
  • Chin Chin breakfast buffet - steam table style eggs, bacon and a small selection of egg roll/dumpling type things sitting out under a warming lamp. It's easy and quick but not worth a special trip.
  • You can get out for under $25 a person. Good? Yes. They also have a breakfast buffet.
  • Really enjoyed our meal. There were lots of options for both meat lovers and vegetarians alike. The cocktail list was also amazing and we enjoyed trying a few new things, the ginger martini was amazing! As for the food itself, the prices were very reasonable ($10-15) and the portions were plenty big. I would certainly recommend to anyone wanting Chinese food that isn't greasy and won't kill your wallet!
  • The food was good and relatively inexpensive for Vegas. We both ordered tea (which was complimentary with our meal), I ordered mu shu shrimp and my husband ordered beef with broccoli. We had fast service and paid $28 for the two entrees.
  • Everything on the menu was delicious, but I have to recommend most of all the Velvet Chicken soup (they put peas in it! so cool!) and the Hot Sour Soup. Both were authentic twists on old favorites, and so good we actually had to get seconds. Perfect for helping with a hangover.
  • This time we ordered the Wonton Soup and Anthony's Special Noodles. The wonton soup broth was amazing, light and complex I could taste a lot of white pepper which was great. The wontons were flavorful and tender. Anthony's Noodles were also very delicious, the flavor was lightly spicy and heavy with the taste of cilantro.
  • Came here for their breakfast/brunch and it was pretty awful. they had regular eggs and cantonese eggs, which was eggs mixed with what was supposed to be chinese sausage and some other stuff - not good. they also had egg fu young, which was also yuck!
  • We had a plethora of dishes, all were extremely good and not too expensive. Three people, one person had wine and the total was $80 with still some leftovers. Service was really good. This place has been on the strip for a while and I can see why, it satisfies that Chinese food craving without a lot of pretension.
  • This place was pretty yummy :) and definitely on the cheap side for vegas!



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