America Restaurant at New York New York

Just The Facts, Please.

New York, New York

Dining Hours :
Open 24 hours

No Celebrity Chef

Coffee Shop

Price Range:
$11 steak special Midnight - 6am.

Suggested Attire:

Restaurant has a large 90 x 20 foot map of the U.S. on the wall.

Sample Menu Items:
JAMBALAYA Mexican gulf shrimp, chicken breast, garlic, onions, bell peppers and rice in a spicy Cajun sauce $16.95

country fried steak and eggs



Mavens Overview

America at New York New York is 24 hour coffee shop, with a huge and diverse menu. They regularly run late night specials, such as a steak dinner for $11, after midnight.

The internet buzz is truly mixed, read one review that says this is the best coffee shop in Vegas, and the next review will state this is the worst coffee shop in Vegas. The same holds for the service, some had great service, others had horrible experience.

Internet Buzz

One of the better 24 hour coffee shops in Vegas. good steak and seafood specials

It's a coffee shop and a good one at that. My girlfriend had the Mac and Cheese, it was huge and tasty and I had Bacon Avocado and cheese omelet was good too.

They had a late-night steak special between 12am and 6am for only $11. SOLD! The steak was bomb! Very juicy, tender and huge! I thought there would be a catch since the meal was so cheap, but no catch at all. Just deliciousness. If you're in the area and craving steak at 3am, this is the place to go.

America, is a veritable cornucopia of bad food, cheesy decor and, get this, surprisingly good service. Yeah, go figure.

Overcooked poached eggs, pallid rye bread (in a New York, NY restaurant!), and corned beef hash that tasted of nothing but onion.

They had an "all you can eat" pancake special going on, which at the time sounded fantastic. And then we got the pancakes - these were the driest things ever put together - more absorbent than a Sham-Wow. No amount of fake maple syrup could make these things palatable

They have some really good food options. Loved the quesadillas! But hated the tuna sandwich, and I was drunk when I ate it. So it has to be pretty bad. But really you can't go wrong, there is something for everyone on the menu. Also they have a special going on where it's $3 well drinks during happy hour and between the hours of 12am-5am M-F.

The setting is like a huge, patriotic Denny's. On the big side wall, there is a huge physical map of the States painted on. It's pretty interesting. The menu is extensive with Denny's-like food offerings. However, the prices weren't Denny's-like and more Vegas-like. I ordered the country fried steak and eggs. It came with hash browns. I got the eggs over easy. The steak was rubbery. It was like they got the steak from my elementary school cafeteria. The eggs and hash brown were good and cooked well.

the cobb salad did not disappoint. The veggies were fresh and the bacon crisp. It was a good cobb. My sister had the cedar plank salmon, and it was perfectly cooked...the hot-fudge brownie sundae for dessert. Seriously THE BEST hot fudge brownie sundae I have ever tasted. The brownie was moist, soft, chewy, with just a few nuts. The fudge was thick and rich. This sundae was AMAZING. Just remember that the bottom of the ice cream dish is coated with hot fudge, so don't ignore the bottom of the bowl!

This 24 hour coffee shop is better than most, but the cool thing is the huge mural of the United States. It's 1800 square feet of pure Americana.

We have dined in the America Restaurant several times a year over the past five years or so. We have never been sorry. This is why we chose this restaurant to entertain our guests--Great Food, Great Service, and Great Atmosphere!!

Cheap breakfast that felt like it should have been fast. Except it wasn't, at all. Worst service that I have encountered in quite some time


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