Botero Restaurant at Encore

Just The Facts, Please.



Dining Hours

Poolside Lunch Friday-Sunday 11am-2:30pm Dinner 6pm-10:30pm; until 11:30pm Friday and Saturday


Mark LoRusso



Price Range

Expect $80+

Suggested Attire

Casual Business


Enjoy poolside dining during lunch hours 11am-2:30pm

Sample Menu Items

Hudson Valley Foie Gras $25 Persimmon and tangerine chutney, balsamic glaze

Ahi Tuna Tartare $19 mango, avocado, crispy ginger

Bone-In Ribeye 20oz $52 choose the preparation of your steak from the following: Pepper Steak, Chimichurri, Traditional

Dayboat Scallops $39 Wild mushrooms, polenta tortellini

Sides $11 each:truffle macaroni and cheese; roasted bone marrow; crispy pork belly
parmesan pudding; carmelized brussel sprouts and onions


Mavens Overview: Botero

Botero is named for the South American Artist, Fernando Botero, known for his proportionally exaggerated "fat figures". The center of the stylishly designed restaurant features one of Botero's sculptures, "The Seated Lady". The restaurant is located adjacent to the pool area at Encore, and offers poolside dining during lunch time.

The internet Buzz is mostly favorable for Botero. The steaks, as expected, get rave reviews. Botero has along list of interesting side dishes, $11 each, including: truffle macaroni and cheese; roasted bone marrow; crispy pork belly parmesan pudding.

Internet Buzz: Botero

  • One of the most visually stunning restaurants I've been to-- Botero turned out to be a pleasant dining experience all around.
  • HANDS DOWN MY FAVORITE!!! I cannot stress enough how good this restaurant is, and despite the high price point (expect to pay at least 100 / person leaving, with no drinks!) it is sooo worth it...I think it's the one restaurant I would fly back to Vegas just to eat at.
  • Truffle mac n' cheese - my favorite out of the sides...I just love the truffle oil and this was well done!
  • Their lunch menu only has one steak on it, the petite filet mignon, which I ordered. This steak came with some very good garlic fries, but the steak made this meal. It was so so tender. After just one bite it dissolves in your mouth. It was very flavorful. No steak sauce required. The service was excellent.
  • OK I really don't get the attraction outside of the fact that from pure ambiance the place is really nice. Outside of that well overpriced in every way in my opinion...Bottom line OK but certainly NOTHING to write home about and at these prices I was very much disappointed as I had heard so much about this place.
  • I had the Filet Mignon with Chimichurri sauce. WOW! Cooked at Medium rare, juicy and the not so overpowering sauce complemented the peppered steak. For sides, we had the broccoli which was tender and buttery along with the loaded potato gratin. Let me tell you, it was like a layered lasagna but with thin slices of potatoes. I would recommend this side.
  • Everything was fantastic, but I do have to say - the stars were the side dishes we ordered. Creamed spinach with a fried egg on top - I mean, literally fried into a ball with a crispy coating. And the polenta with mushrooms and truffle oil. OMG. Just order these. Please!
  • The food here is incredible. We keep kosher, so there's only so much we can eat when we go out, but we were well satiated at this restaurant. The service is fabulous and the food is delicious without being pretentious.
  • Dayboat Scallops with wild mushrooms and polenta tortellini ($39) - the scallops were a nice hefty size. Sadly, that was the only thing memorable about the dish. The scallops were undercooked. Yes, I know you don't want to overcook the scallops since they can turn rubbery, but leaving them undercooked or cooked half way leaves a slightly slimy after taste.Overall, the food was mediocre but had a luxurious price tag.
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