Carnival World Buffet at the Rio

Just The Facts, Please.


Mon-Fri 8-11am $16.99


11am-3:30pm $18.99


Sat. & Sun. 8am - 3:30pm $26.99


3:30-10pm $23.99 $26.99

Special Buffets

Champagne Brunch
Saturday and Sunday
8am-3:30pm $26.99


Mavens Overview: Carnival World

The Carnival World Buffet at the Rio is one of the largest buffets in Vegas. More so than any other buffet in Vegas, the real fun in eating at the Carnival World buffet is in the large variety of food. Unfortunately lost in all this quantity, is quality. That is not to say the food is bad, just that you're not likely to find too many , if any, memorable dishes.

The Internet Buzz largely backs up the quantity over quality aspect of the Carnival World Buffet. The buffet is located off-strip next to the Gold Coast, which has one of the better budget buffets in Vegas.

Internet Buzz: Carnival World

  • This was the original upscale buffet in Las Vegas. It raised the bar and set the standard which has since become the norm. It must have the largest square footage of any buffet on The Strip. It's also the only one which has a full bar in the middle of the food stations, complete with daiquiris and margaritas. The construction and decor of this buffet are immaculate and up-to-date.
  • This is the first buffet I have been too where they do a nice teppanyaki grill. Similar to the noodle bar, you just load a bowl with the non-meat ingredients, and they add the meat for you before the stir-fry process. Now, they don't flip any cooking utensils in the air, so the flair was a little lacking, but the food was still tasty!
  • Great roasted duck, surprise surprise! Awesome eclairs, cannolis and gelato. Mexican food was average, Asian food was good, and the crab and shrimp were pretty much what one would expect for all you can eat. Pizza and some of the pastas were pretty tasty as well.
  • Well definitely one of the biggest (if not the biggest still in Vegas) Really great selection but nothing that is super memorable that stands out except Reuben sandwiches which were very good. Lots of desert with Gelato.
  • The food stretches longer than any buffet place I have seen. Just imagine 4 Hometown Buffet's worth of food AND better quality!
  • If I happen to be in Las Vegas, you won't find me in the casinos or seeing a show. You would find me at a buffet. That's right. I live for the buffets out there. I love to eat and I love having a nice selection of food to choose from. From the buffets that I've tried (Bellagio, Paris, Planet Hollywood, Monte Carlo, Tropicana), this one had the largest selection by far. The buffet is huge! It didn't have the best food. But, the food was good and the selection was great.
  • They have a soup station where you can make unlimited bowls of pho, ramen, udon, etc. (I love bowls of hot noodles)
  • The pasta seemed overcooked and the sauce was lacking flavor. Next up, I tried the Mexican and had some fajitas, rice and beans, tamales, and tortillas. The Mexican was average, yet much better than the Italian. The fajitas had a great flavor and were nicely tendered and were nicely paired with the grilled onions and tortillas. I wanted to try a few more things before giving up. I went ahead and tried their BBQ ribs and was pleasantly surprised at how flavorful and tasteful they were.
  • Rio is your standard for Vegas buffets. They're not trying to be high-end like the Wynn, but they still try to give you a little more quality than Hometown Buffet. Overall, I think they succeed. And plus points for not gouging dinner prices.



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