Spice Market Buffet at Planet Hollywood

Just The Facts, Please.


7:00 am 11:00 am $15.99


11:00 am 4:00 pm $18.99


10:00 am 4:00 pm $24.99


4:00 pm 10:00 pm $27.99

Special Buffets

Champagne Brunch
Saturday and Sunday
10am-4pm $24.99


Mavens Overview: Spice Market

The Spice Market buffet at Planet Hollywood has remained largely unchanged as the casino in which it is located has changed ownership and decor. The current owners, Harrahs, has a track record of driving down the quality of the buffet at Paris, which was once one of the best buffets in Vegas.

The sign outside the Buffet proclaims in large letters that this is the number one buffet in Vegas, don't believe it. The Spice Market Buffet is one of the better buffets, but is far behind Bellagio and Wynn. The Buffet is part of Harrahs 24 hour pass program.

The Internet Buzz is mixed leaning favorable. Particular shout-outs for hot crab legs, most buffets serve only cold crab legs, good Prime Rib, and of all things, cotton candy for dessert.

Internet Buzz: Spice Market

  • Great food and drink. The coffee was fantastic (this coming from a coffee drinking Seattleite). Rich. Full flavored. Strong. The oatmeal was sweet and creamy. The eggs benedict was great. Fresh fruit. Loved it.
  • The food wasn't spectacular. It was just average, though fairly fresh. My favorite was probably just the desserts. They had chocolate covered strawberries and cotton candy.
  • The selection here is fantastic and just about everything I've ever had here is good. Breakfast is one of my favorite times here - the selection is great, they make some killer smoothies, and I can have every different kind of juice imaginable if I want to - and sometimes I do! The coffee here is divine - possibly the best drip coffee in all Vegas.
  • I personally rank this as the 4th best buffet in Las Vegas (after Carnival World, Le Village and the Bellagio Buffet). Typically you expect buffet pizza to be generic and plain by default but the pizza here was actually pretty exceptional
  • The Spice Market has HOT crab legs. They even offered Snow crab and Alaskan King Crab when I went. (most other buffets only offer one type, and it's served cold)
  • The food was pretty tasty. I especially love their pizza and buffalo fried shrimp. The bread pudding was superb according to buffet standards. * drool * I know it sounds weird to hit up a buffet for their pizza but it was seriously yum.
  • Last buffet in the Buffet of Buffets tour. This is the only one with Indian food and I love Indian food so I was excited. But I ended up being disappointed. The chicken curry wasn't as good as I remember when this property was the Aladdin. (Yes, it's been that long for me.) The lamb-stuffed tomato offered was also laughable. It's was just some ground lamb stuck on top of half a tomato. No one bothered to actually hollow out the tomato and stuff it with anything
  • The Prime Rib here was slow roasted and cooked perfectly. It was so tender it nearly melts in your mouth. There was also a tasty spice rub on the outside that made you want to trim the edges off and parcel it out so that you can combine a little bit with each bite. And to top it off the Au Jus was equally amazing. Good job Spice Market!
  • Fried sole was absolutely jammin! Imagine actual fish n chip except the fish is definitely not over battered, and the meat if full and juicy! If you get a plate of say 6 pieces with some fries, you got your $11 worth already! They did a great job with their fried fish!



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