The French Market Buffet at The Orleans

Just The Facts, Please.


8:00am - 10:00am $7.99


11:00am - 3:00pm $8.99


8:00am - 3:00pm $14.99


4:00pm - 9:00pm

Special Buffets

Breakfast $7.99
Lunch $8.99
Saturday & Sunday Brunch $14.99
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday Dinner Regular Dinner Menu $13.99
Wednesday Crab & Steak Dinner $15.99
Friday Dinner Seafood Extravaganza to include Hot Crab Legs $18.99
Sunday Dinner BBQ Rib Night $13.99
All Day Long Wristband
$24.00 ($27.00 on Friday)Enjoy a Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner Buffet for one price. Dinner Discounts for B Connected Members Ruby $1 discount, Sapphire $3 discount, Emerald $5 discount. Seven nights a week. Present your card at the French Market Buffet.


Mavens Overview: French Market

The French Market Buffet is located Off-Strip at the Orleans Hotel. This buffet has a loyal following among locals, partly due to the fact that the price is lower than the Strip buffets with quality comparable to the lower- mid level Strip buffets.

The sister property The Gold Coast has a smaller buffet, but better quality food. Coast Casinos run shuttle buses that will take you to and from the Orleans and the Gold Coast, plus to the Strip. The Strip pick-up location is Bill's Gambling Hall, formerly Barbary Coast.

Internet Buzz: French Market

  • I've had better food and the same quality of food for way more money in Vegas buffets. What this place supplies is reasonable food at a price point less than many of the other buffets around. I went for their steak and crab Wednesday. The crab legs were spindly and the steak was a bit tough but cooked to the medium.
  • My dessert plate was my favorite because they had this almond crumb cake that had drizzled raspberry sauce in it. They used to serve this at Red Rock casino but I haven't seen it there in a while. It was so good with tea,. They also had Tiramisu cups which were really tasty the cake part wasn't too wet it was just right!
  • The Mexican station was extremely good with beef tacos and all the toppings and a spicy shredded chicken that made nice tacos as well. There were other selections such as enchaladas etc and it all looked very good.
  • The food is good! I recommend going straight for the crawfish and beef ribs. They are the "signature" items! The crawfish is boiled in a cajun style broth has great flavor without being too spicy. The beef is super tender and well seasoned. The good thing is that because these are very popular items, they're constantly being replenished.
  • The Orleans is always a place I like to frequent when I am in Vegas. For some reason, I find their buffet to be a good value, and call me crazy, but they make a crazy-good tuna salad!
  • The first thing to know is that this buffet is super cheap -- which is awesome. I've tried just about every hotel's buffet and sub-$15 blows my mind. Food is separated by types of cuisine and they actually have a seafood section with piles of shrimp. Quality is okay, you basically get what you pay for.
  • I had a full course meal: a seafood appetizer - shrimp and clams, a salad, and an entrée of sliced-to-order roast beef with vegetables (although I did sneak in a yummy rib). And pecan pie for dessert (ok - I also had some bread pudding - but how can you go to Las Vegas and not have bread pudding?). All was certainly as good as your average restaurant, but a lot cheaper.



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