Stratosphere Hotel and Casino

Just The Facts, Please.

Hotel Size:
2444 rooms plus 133 suites.
Casino Size:
100,000 sq ft
Roni Josef Salon and Day Spa.
15,000 sq ft pool with separate European Sunbathing pool.
Tower shops feature 50 mid to lower end stores, plus around 15 retail carts.
Notable Attractions:
Thrill Rides located on the top of Stratosphere Tower, 1,149 ft above ground. Features three rides: Big Shot; X-Scream; and Insanity, the ride.



Tower shops feature 50 mid to lower end stores, plus around 15 retail carts.

Pool and Spa

Located on the top of the casino building, eight floors above ground level, offering great views of the strip. A separate topless pool is located on the 25 floor od the World Tower.

Roni Josef Salon and Day Spa


Poker Room and Sports Book

Poker Room:
Eight tables, the tables are nicely spaced in this pseudo room. Recently renovated, adding more comfortable chairs.

Sports Book:
Seating for 75 in race book, 45 in sports book. 24 large TV screens plus a10 foot projection screen. A VIP section has 10 carrels. Lucky's cafe is located nearby.


Bars and Lounges

Romance at the Top of the World
Leopard ambience dominate this lounge on the 107th floor.

Back Alley Bar
Open 24/7, Live Music Thursday-Sunday. plus dancing servers.

C Bar
Open 24/7 and located in the center of the casino. Features DJs and Live Bands on weekends.

Images Lounge
On the casino floor, complete with video casino games.

Big Shot Bar
Conveniently located on the 109th, next to the Thrill Rides, for some last minute liquid courage.



Mavens Overview

Unfortunately for the Stratosphere, the mantra:"Location, location, location" works against this property. At the extreme North end of the Strip and situated in its own mini no-mans land, although the Sahara is nearby, as is Circus-Circus, the true North end Strip properties. This lack of desirable location does lead to better room rates, and generally superior odds on the games, when compared to the rest of the strip.

Internet Buzz

The main buzz is poor location, but many folks rave about the "good room rates" that seem to outweigh this criticism.

Hotel Overview

Rooms start at 340 sq ft and slowly inch up in size from there. As with most mid to lower middle strip properties, if room amenities and ambience is important to you, ask for a recently upgraded room. Room level variations seem endless with 6 standard types plus 8 suite levels.


American Superstars
Singing Impersonators, including: Elvis (of course); Michael Jackson; Tim McGraw; Britney Spears and Carrie Underwood

Topless female vampires with dancing and aerialists. More, please.

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Fellini's Ristorante Italiano
Chef Joseph Siano serves traditional Italian standards. More, please.

Roxy Diner
Singing waiters serve burgers in this 50's themed Diner. More, please.

Top of the World
Appropriately named, the restaurant sits more than 800 feet above street level, and rotates 360 degrees, offering panoramic views of Las Vegas. The view is spectacular, particularly at night. The menu prices are high, you're paying for the view, the food alone doesn't merit the prices. More, please.

Lucky's Cafe
Traditional coffee shop with 50's decor.

The Buffet
A nothing special buffet. More, please.



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