Blue Man Group at the Venetian

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location


Venue Size

1,760-seat theater.

Show Times

Performances are nightly at 7PM and 10PM

Show Type

Vegas style avant-garde.

Show Length

1 hour and 45 minutes

Show Notes

Full bar and concession facilities are located in the theatre lobby. Beverages may be enjoyed inside the Blue Man Theatre.



Mavens Overview: Blue Man Group

The Blue Man Group was founded by Chris Wink, Matt Goldman and Phil Stanton in the mid 1980's in New York City as an avant-garde performance group. Since then the Group has grown to world-wide production company, a la Cirque du Soleil.

The show consists of music and elaborate pantomime type of acts, as the the Blue men are mute during the show, presumable they speak when they are less blue. If you want to see people make music with large sections of PVC pipe, or with Cap'n Crunch cereal, then this show is for you. There is also lot's of paint splashing around, so much so that the first few rows of the theater are marked off as the poncho section, the provide ponchos protect you from the paint splatter.

The Internet Buzz is wonderfully mixed, people either love the show or hate the show, fortunately for the Blue Man Group most people fall into the former category. In addition to Cirque du Soliel, people often point to Blue Man Group as a very un-Vegas like show, no dancing girls, no feathers, no magic tricks.

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Internet Buzz: Blue Man Group

  • First and foremost, understand that the Blue Man Group perform conceptual performance art. This means that there are many hidden messages within their skits that are meant to been perceptive through very microscopic vision. You're either going to get it or your not. In other words, if you're just looking for a slapstick comedy show, you might want to hit something else up.
  • The show begins with the Blue Men creating their own brand of unique art by drumming on top of brightly colored paint that splashes onto a blank white paper. They go on to create art by spraying paint from their mouths onto spinning white canvases.
  • The "Rods and Cones" performance is by far one of my favorites. This one-part science lesson/another-part audio visual performance is astounding. It's a plethora of auditory and visual stimuli that passes you by as you try to register everything going on. Followed by the new spectacular, "The digital Frontier" which was a feast of LED animation and acoustics that really topped the show off great!
  • The worst show I have ever seen! It is absolutely not funny and stupid.
  • I was confused by their concept...not sure if there even one was. It was a mix of pipe music, random acts of comedy skits, and random/weird hard how to describe it. One funny part i did like was at expense of the guest...It interrupted the show and on a big screen a couple that came in late was put on blast! So don't be late if you're gonna watch this show. Some of their comedy I didn't even find funny.
  • The show is entertaining. It is an interesting mix of rock show plus comedy routine. The Blue Men don't speak at all during the performance, so the comedy comes from gestures and schticks. Kind of like a modern day version of The Three Stooges in mute.
  • The show starts off with some music which is cool. The music and visuals go well together and the show contains a lot of both. It's like a performance art type of thing, so it may not be for everyone. As they move through different songs, there are some different skits and people are brought up on stage for a few things. Pretty cool overall. The blue men never speak.
  • Good Lord, can someone explain to me why this is so popular? It was ok..just ok. Experimental theatre and Chaplinesque mime all in one.
  • Of the three shows i've seen in Vegas (Phantom, "O", and BMG), this is certainly the most kid-friendly and family-friendly show i've seen. However, as an adult i'm not sure i'd pay to go see it again unless I got some really deeply discounted tickets. This is mostly because I feel like there's an element or surprise with this show as to what will happen next, and once you've seen it already then it's easier to anticipate what's going to happen next



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