Bellagio Buffet

Just The Facts, Please.

7am-11am $14.95

11am-4pm $19.95

7am-4pm Sat & Sun $23.95; $28.95 with Champagne

4pm-10pm $27.95

Special Buffets:
Gourmet Dinner Sat & Sun 4pm-10pm $35.95



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Mavens Overview

Arguably the best buffet in Vegas. While other buffets in Vegas may excel with a few items, the buffet at the Bellagio excels from soup to dessert. The Tuna Nicoise salad is expertly prepared with gently seared tuna, bowls of fresh berries, including raspberries and blackberries are also available at the salad station and would make for a great dessert, if Bellagio dessert were not so wonderful.

The meats are well prepared, as many of the top Vegas buffets also manage this feat. What sets the Bellagio buffet apart from the pack is the ability to prepare fish entrees with aplomb. The fish entrees are neither dried-out nor soggy, the Chilean Sea Bass they serve on the Gourmet Weekend Summer Buffet is as good as you'll find at most fine restaurants. It is still a buffet, so the food can't compete with top tier restaurants, but is solidly competitive with the slightly lower tiers.

The one place where other top Vegas Buffets often fall short is on dessert, and this is where the Buffet at Bellagio really shines. Definitely save room for dessert, a difficult task since everything in the buffet is so well prepared. Unlike other buffets where the desserts look wonderful, but taste bland, or worse. The desserts at Bellagio taste as good or better than they look, the chocolate cake actually tastes like chocolate.

If you had to pick one buffet to try in Vegas, the Buffet at Bellagio is the one.


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Internet Buzz

You know the internet buzz is favorable when the only repeated negative comments are about the long line to get into the buffet. As someone posted:

Don't expect this to be a hidden gem, it seems like everyone knew how good it was and was ready to stay for the wait.

Most of the buffets in Vegas manage to serve one or two dishes that that receive widespread praise on the internet, it is uncanny how many items on the Bellagio buffet warrant such buzz. Literally soup to dessert. A quick sampling of comments.

Even more pedestrian fare such as chicken noodle soup was exquisite - obviously made with fresh stock and seasoned excellently.

The Duck Leg served with apricot glaze was amazing, crisp skin yet soft and moist inside, perfectly cooked.

The Chilean Sea Bass and Pesto Mashed Potatoes are scrumptious.

May be the best scrambled eggs I've ever tasted.

The lobster ravioli is the most incredible thing ever.

The raw nicoise salad was great.

The best chocolate mousse cake I've ever had.

Its pricey but the creme brulee ---my mouth is watering while I type.


Many comments about the great service. Such as: "Service was excellent, server was constantly filling up our drinks, and we never had to look for her"

While the Bellagio buffet is slightly more expensive than other Strip buffets and considerably more expensive than the budget off-strip buffets, most of the internet buzz suggest that many feel the price is more than reasonable, as the following quote puts succinctly.

While the price was more than we paid at other buffets, it was worth every penny. or as another post put it ... I remember feeling that the $26 was a bargain for the types of dishes and ingredients I was having It has to be the best deal in Vegas.

If you look hard enough, and I did, you will find some negative comments, the most frequent complaints, few as they were, were about over-cooked meat and about the Crab Legs being too cold, too salty or perhaps a bit dryed-out.

The overwhelming majority of comments were positive. Perhaps the best quote to summarize the Bellagio buffet is: "Overall - you'll pinch yourself - this food came off a buffet!"



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