Wynn Sports Book

Just The Facts, Please.

Hours of Operation :

125 seats in the race and sports book plus 50 in the lounge area plus 20 in VIP lounge.

Three large 12 ft x 12 ft screens plus 30+ smaller plasma screens.

Food and Drinks :
Adjacent to Zookcrackers deli.

Free cocktails for big bettors, easier for race bettors.

Wynn race book takes horse racing futures bets.


Mavens Overview

A nice high end sports book, but not considered among the best. Caesars Palace and the Hilton attract a more dedicated following. The odds offered are usually less than the best available in Vegas, which can be viewed as a tax for the opulent surroundings.

The staff get generally high marks, particularly the cocktail waitresses.



Internet Buzz

Wynn Las Vegas combines a great sports book with... great food and excellent service and you can enjoy your game in splendor. The one drawback is you won't get the best sports lines at the Wynn Las Vegas, so you'll have to pay for the opulence you're enjoying.

If you like watching the action from your own sumptuous sky box, you're gonna love the Wynn sports book -- and you don't even have to know Steve to get in. It's a hangar full of plush swivel chairs, individual mahogany consoles with tunable monitors, three stadium-sized split-screen TVs and soothing carpets.

This book does some things well...benefits include great horse racing propositions and easy access via the Stripís best parking garage. A good poker room and one of the best buffets in the city are steps away.

The Wynn is by far one of the nicest sports book in Las Vegas. If I had to die in a sports book while rooting for my team, this would be the place. Like everything else about the Wynn, the sports book is all about luxury and amenities. It's like an exclusive club that, somehow, you can get into. The place is large and airy with the best displays of all the casinos.

Cocktail service is available and you can order food from any of the adjacent restaurants and they'll bring it to you. You want to talk one of the X factors? The Wynn has some of the most attractive waitresses---yes this can be important to us sports betting machismo guys---it does after all add to the ambiance!'s biggest drawback are it's odds and this after all is the MOST important of all variables. The odds are mediocre. Of all the sports books I visited, the Wynn was ranked near the bottom in terms of futures book. For example, the Wynn had the Twins winning the World Series at 8-1 when most other places had at least 12-1 odds on that bet.

The sports book is an odd shape, with a chunk cut off for the bar. Sports are not as emphasized as racing here. Overall, the room is smaller and less spectacular than we expected, and a notch below the best on the Strip.

The Wynn race book is unique in that it takes horse racing future bets, including the Breedersí Cup and the Kentucky Derby. The book also offers the usual straight bets, money lines and totals wagers, as well as propositions and futures on all major sporting events, including NASCAR, tennis, golf and soccer.


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