MGM Grand Sports Book

Just The Facts, Please.

Hours of Operation :
Varies by season. Lines usually posted by 9am.

seating for 104 guests. Also featured are six electronic display boards and 17 separate race and sports betting counters. Four Skyboxes, ranging in size from 300 - 325 square feet

Thirty-six 60-inch plasma televisions and twenty-four 42-inch plasmas. These include four 42-inch plasmas located on the posterior wall and two 42-inch plasmas inside the Race & Sports Turf Bar.

Food and Drinks :
Stage Deli(of New York fame) is located adjacent to the Sports Book. Free drinks are easy to get for those that bet in the Race Book, higher dollar bets are required for Sports Book bettors.

Free drinks are easy to get for those that bet in the Race Book, higher dollar bets are required for Sports Book bettors.

The state-of-the-art 5,300-square-foot betting arena, located near Studio 54 nightclub with direct access to the Las Vegas Strip.





Mavens Overview

A solid Sports Book, but competition in Vegas for Sports Books is steep, and MGM is not at the top of the list.

The addition of four private Skyboxes, is one feature that sets the MGM Sports Book apart from other books in Vegas. From the MGM Press Release:

These four Skyboxes, ranging in size from 300 - 325 square feet, are each equipped with the latest technology available, including 42-inch plasma televisions, surround-sound audio and CD systems. Our Skyboxes offer a special second-level view and can comfortably host eight to 10 guests.

The MGM Sports Book is located close to the Strip Entrance by the bridge to New York New York. The Stage Deli is adjacent to the Sports Book and sells some of the best Corned Beef sandwiches in Vegas.



Internet Buzz

Best book in Vegas. Ceasar's is good, but I love the layout at MGM

MGM Grand is the first to offer luxury skyboxes for the high rollers... There isn't one large screen but three 16x12 foot screens... The reverse-amphitheater like seating has comfortable leather seats and cocktail service with the race book and sports book in separate areas. The whole place is comfortable and airy and definitely one of my favorites.

I thought it was really nice and my boyfriend really liked it also. They have big comfy chairs to sit and watch games but they do fill up fast so you have to get there early.

The seats are slightly above average in the comfort game.

A unique feature in the new race and sports book is the availability of skyboxes for guests. The four second-level skyboxes each range from 300 to 325 square feet and can fit eight to 10 guests. They are each equipped with plasma TVs, CD systems and surround-sound audio. It gives sports fans a vantage point unlike anywhere else a luxury box feel and elevated view of all the action.

The theater-in-the-round feel is accentuated by the only skyboxes specifically created for sports fans


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