Bellagio Sports Book

Just The Facts, Please.

Hours of Operation :
8am-11pm; extended hours during football season.

200 seats in a 5,600 square foot venue.

150 screens: one large Racing Screen plus 99 individual screens for racing; 32 screens at the sports bar and 18 more scattered about the area.

Food and Drinks :
Adjacent snack-bar named "Snacks"

Yes, easier for race bettors.

Posh Sports Book with very comfortable leather chairs. Cocktails mixed with top-shelf liquors.




Mavens Overview

A smallish, by Vegas Standards, Sports Book, with a posh atmosphere befitting this upscale property. If you want a seat expect to get here early, or expect to pay to sit in the reserved seating areas.

The Bellagio Sports Book is linked with the other MGM-Mirage properties, hence it offers comprehensive betting lines. The race book can post up to 25 tracks per day, and features a non-smoking section.

As a side note, the chairs in the Race and Sports Books are considered among the most comfortable of Vegas Sports books, no small matter if you plan on spending many long hours watching your favorite games.


Internet Buzz

Perhaps the most luxurious place in the world to make your bets and follow the action.

The orange juice in the screwdrivers, is freshly squeezed!

The Bellagio Sports Book has impeccable comfy leather couches.

Drink services is probably the best of any book in Vegas

Probably the most posh setting in the world for public sports betting, the Bellagio's Sports Book will make you feel like a rube if you show up in a dirty team jersey and sneakers.

Like the 21 Club in New York, you feel like a big, cigar-chomping hotshot watching sports here.



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