the bathhouse Spa at THEhotel

Just The Facts, Please.

Spa Hours:

Treatment Rooms:
14,000 sq ft with12 treatment rooms.

Exercise Facility:
Free weights, weight machines and cardio.

Basic massage $135 for 50 minutes; Ultimate massage $165 for 50 minutes.

Facial Care:
$80 for 25 minute facial. Collagen masque an additional $80.

Body Care:
THEbody treatment $145 for 50minutes. Bath THEexperience 50 minutes $125.

Waxing and Beauty Care:
Bikini wax $55; Chest and Back $140

Hair Salon:
Full service salon available at Mandalay Bay's other spa; Spa Mandalay.

Robes, sandals, shorts, T-shirts and tennis shoes provided, if need for your gym visit.




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Mavens Overview

The smaller of the two spas at Mandalay Bay, 14,000 square feet for "the bathhouse" versus 30,000 square feet for "Spa Mandalay". The spa aspires to be both hip and trendy, while maintaining an intimate feel. The internet buzz suggests they have achieved both goals.

"Simple elegance defines the elite bathhouse spa. The healing, cleansing and rejuvenation qualities of water, the elixir of life, is highlighted through pools of varying temperatures, exotic baths, and a flowing waterfall... the bathhouse features uniquely European styling with slate walls, marble floors and breathtaking water features throughout. " from Mandalay Bay brochure.

Most customers seem pleased with their experience at the bathhouse, if only the prices were lower. Most rate it among the best in Vegas. However, not all comments were positive, facial treatments seemed to garner the most negative buzz. A positive note for the "Facial Team", one customer did comment that the facial technician did suggest a lower cost treatment since her skin was in good shape, which was greatly appreciated by the customer.

The spa has a full complement of cardio and weight machines. It does not have a hair salon, the other spa at Mandalay Bay does have a full service hair salon. The Spa has separate men's and women's facilities, as well as co-ed relaxation areas for couples.



Internet Buzz


This Spa is fantastic. I have been to Spa's all over the world and My Hot Stone massage was a 10.

The facilities of the Bathhouse seem great, but try to avoid any waxing appointments or you'll feel like you got cheated out of almost a hundred dollars.

Designed by The Richardson Sadeki firm. I have been to every top spa in Vegas. This is hands down, my favorite spa. I fall asleep every Sunday in a plush lounge chair next to the trickle fall.

I love the baths!!!!!! I love the scrubs!!!!!! I LOVE THE WHOLE PLACE!!!!!!

Overpriced, Unskilled Esthetician...the Bathhouse Cleansing Facial is incorrectly named. It should be called the ineffectual lotion-rubbing facial. I paid nearly $200

All three of us -- including my sister-in-law, who is an esthetician -- thought the facial was the worst we had ever been subjected to. 

Definitely recommend this spa. Had a great hot rock massage here this week. The facilities themselves are amazing. Massive locker room, and phenomenal post-treatment area with steam rooms, saunas, hot tubs, shower walls, private bathtubs, you name it. Plan to hang for a while...Great iced teas, hot teas, cucumber water, all my favorites.

The design *is* fantastic... there is water everywhere. When you are not immediately confronted with flowing water, it is obvious through a wall window with thick glass, or in a mirror positioned perfectly. The staff is kind, and not over the top "hip".

I like this better then the Hard Rock, Four Seasons, Venetian or Palms Spa.

The best spa experience I've ever had. The ambiance is spectacular - it's all espresso wood and slate walls with water features and glass staircases aplenty. The staff was very polite from check in to check out.

The bath was amazing, I felt so cleansed and purified afterwards, and I typically don't go for that whole hippie thing (though I'm a total sucker for baths, and have been to a few genuine bath houses (as in bathing) in that was just great.

I had originally been scheduled for a more expensive facial treatment, however when the aesthetician saw my skin, she commented that it was in quite good shape and that I did not need such an extensive treatment...I got a cheaper treatment. I thought that was fantastic.

The masseurs are very well-trained and talented. I've never had an even marginally bad experience here.

I loved my body scrub, I adored my bath. I was completely relaxed by my hot-stone massage, and the facial toped it off perfectly. Everyone was helpful and professional.

from the dark slate and suede-covered walls to trendy fixtures and funky, brightly-colored furniture, it's like being at a nightclub without the loud music.



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