Disney's The Lion King at Mandalay Bay

Just The Facts, Please.

Show Location:
Mandalay Bay Theatre

Venue Size:
1,600 seats

Show Times:
Mon.-Thurs. 7:30pm; Sat.-Sun. 4:00pm & 8:00pm; No Performances Friday.

Show Type :
Broadway Musical

Show Length:
2 Hours

Recommended for adults and children age six and older. All children must have their own ticket, even lap children.



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Mavens Overview

The Tony Award winning Lion King featuring music by Elton John, opened at the Mandalay Bay Theatre on May 2, 2009. The show is based on the popular 1994 animated movie by the same name, which won two academy awards for Best Original Score and Best Original Song ("Can You Feel the Love Tonight") The play won six Tony Awards, including Best Musical and Best Costume Design.

The cast and production have received strong reviews, the young Simba character has garnered particularly good reviews. The elaborate and innovative costumes designed by Julie Taymor are probably worth the price of admission alone. Taymor rejected the obvious choice of clothing the actors in full body suits and masks to portray the various animals. Instead she clothed the actors in traditional African costumes, with stylized animal masks worn on their heads, leaving their human facial expressions fully visible.

Two of the more elaborate costumes are of Giraffes with actors on stilts and an Elephant comprised of four actors, one for each leg, which stands 11 feet high, 9 feet wide, and 13 feet in length. A wildebeest stampede is surprisingly well simulated with painted canvas and animal sculptures of different sizes, which give the allusion of closing in on the audience.

Productions of The Lion King have been performed all over the world, including: London, Tokyo, The Netherlands, Paris, and Taipei. Fortunately for visitors to Las Vegas they won't have to go that far to see this entertaining show, they just have to travel to the southern edge of the Strip.


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Internet Buzz

Great costumes and very talented boy playing young Simba. We were in Section B Row E which is right at stage eye-level and were outstanding seats. I advise against setting any closer than row C as you would end up having to look up at the stage, E-G would be the best rows possible.

There is an intermission- head immediately past the closest bathrooms and go across the casino towards the restaurant area if you must go. The lines at the restrooms right next to the theater were terrible, especially for the ladies.

I loved this show, it is great for all age groups whether you're with family or a date. My husband is not usually into this stuff but he said he enjoyed it, the costumes are incredible and the performers are very talented.

If your in Vegas this show is a must @ the Mandalay Bay. Very talented cast members, the costumes were amazing. Choreography superb!

Out of all the broadway show's I've seen The Lion King is HANDS DOWN the best!! ...I bought the soundtrack too, and listened to it ALL THE WAY HOME!! (Driving Vegas to the Bay Area)

as a theater minor, I just loved all the scene changes, costume design, lighting and acting. This is a theater lovers dream creation. The story stays true to the cartoon. There are a couple of different songs, but they are so catchy. It is a great play if you have kids or not, check it out.

What a wonderful production ! I have always loved Lion King, the movie and soundtrack. I was so excited when I found out they are going to be in Las Vegas for a few months. The show is almost 2 hours long.

I think I went in with really high expectations... I think the best part of the musical was the beginning and the end. Everything else was pretty... meh. The animal costumes, stage setting, props, and lighting were pretty cool, but not breathtaking.

Awesome experience. Definitely worth watching if you are the type that enjoys musicals and have trouble acquiring tix on broadway. A lot of the cast here have broadway experience.

This show is hands down one of the best in Vegas. I would pay to see this show again. The set designs and costumes and props were really amazing. The music and the singing was exceptional! ... There were some smalls parts missing or trimmed down but I don't think it really made a difference.

One of the most thrilling moments in the show is when Simba gets caught in a stampede, and it looks like thousands of wildabeests are running from a distant mountain top toward him and the audience.


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