Stratta Restaurant at Wynn

Just The Facts, Please.



Dining Hours

Lunch: 11:30 am-2:30 pm
Dinner: nightly, 5:30-10:30 pm
Starlight menu 11 pm - 6 am


Alex Stratta



Price Range

Entrees $25+ Pizzas $15+

Suggested Attire

Business Casual


Late night menu runs from 11pm-6am

Sample Menu Items

MARGHERITA Pizza $14.50
'Bel Paese' Cheese, Tomato, Basil.

Truffle Oil and Parmigian Cheese

SAFFRON MUSSELS appetizer $18
Roasted Mussels, Toasted Pasta, Tomato, Shallots, White Wine

Arugula, Fire-Roasted Mushrooms, Avocado, Sweet Corn

Penne Pasta, Capers, Olives, Spicy Peppers

Cheese and Semolina Dumplings with Red Wine Meat Sauce

Loin of Veal, Wild Mushroom, Marsala Wine Sauce

House-Made Meatballs, Tomato Sauce, Pecorino Romano Cheese
Grilled Chicken, Parmigiano Cream Sauce, Snap Peas
Tomato Sauce, Provolone Cheese



Mavens Overview: Stratta

Stratta at Wynn is the less expensive of chef Alex Stratta's restaurants at Wynn, the other being Alex, of course. Stratta features Italian cuisine. The restaurant is more informal than Alex, or as they state on their website:

" Stratta is a popular spot for a casual yet stylish dining experience"

Note that casual does not necessarily mean inexpensive.

The Internet Buzz is generally favorable. Stratta is a good place for a late night meal, they have a special late night menu that runs from 11pm to 6am.

Internet Buzz: Stratta

  • Very pretty restaurant, we were sat in the back section and the noise level was fine for normal conversation.
  • The truffle fries are a must. They were super crispy and the Parmesan cheese and truffle oil made my mouth water. We didn't finish all the fries, so I packed them to go and they still tasted super good later even though they got cold.
  • The pappardelle alla bolognese is to die for. A simple, house-made broad noodle pasta is topped with a red wine meat sauce and parmigiano cheese.
  • Had a late night dinner at Sratta. Service was fast and pizza extremely delicious. I had Bosco pizza - wild mushrooms with truffle oil. I will be coming back for it over and over again. $16 price tag for it is reasonable for Las Vegas. Highly recommend.
  • Stratta is also pretty good with pizzas. Though, that is an understatement. I ordered up their Bosco wood-fired pizza and requested a cheese-less version. What is pizza without cheese? Even vegan cheese? Well, this pizza did not disappoint. The crust was super soft, with a nice chewiness, but also thin and crispy. It was downright perfect.
  • The food was good, but compared to other Vegas restaurants, it just doesn't live up to expectations. Minestrone soup - good blend of flavours, great selection of vegetables, and healthy. Veal osso buco - delicious, but a leaner type of osso buco than I'm used to. The saffron risotto that came with it was delicious. Chicken meatballs with rigatoni - the meatballs were excellent! However, the pasta was too al dente for my liking. Chocolate toffee cake - really good!! It was super thick and rich, just how I like my desserts.
  • Probably the best meal we had on our stay. Our party started out meeting at the bar for drinks pre-meal, and it's a nice little place, right off the gaming floor for good people-watching... swayed by the Maine lobster fra diavolo. Now, our time spent in Las Vegas's resort eateries had taught me not to expect more than a chintzy portion, especially where seafood is concerned. Not the case, here, at all. There were so many huge chunks of lobster in my pasta that I barely even touched the pasta itself before I was totally full.
  • I had the short ribs with a side of mac and cheese. Fork tender meat. To die for mac - with a crispy gratin topping. Amazing.
  • First let me say that I LOVE their glassware. I wanted to steal it and take it home with me...but it wouldn't fit in my purse...I ordered the angel hair pasta with tomato and basil. It was PERFECTION! My sister ordered the Maine lobster 'fra diavolo'. I tried it and it was so good, probably my favorite dish.
  • I must pay tribute to that fresh pesto dipping sauce for the bread. How wonderfully those herbs, pine nuts and oils come together! They also have a delightful crostini, which we devoured much too quickly.
  • Short Rib was AMAZING. Talk about decadent...I didn't need my knife as my fork glided through the rich buttery layers. The sauce is so rich and heavy you can't help but go mmMmmMMmm! While the prospect of Nutella-filled beignets held such promise, the final product came out awkward and crumbly. Nothing like I'd imagine a beignet to be.
  • The Lasagna was good but the middle of the lasagna was lukewarm The sauce was hotter than the lasagna. I think if they would have used the same sauce on the meatball as they did for the Pasta with lobster and shrimp, it would have tasted better. They have two different types of marinara sauce? The pasta was hard in a not so al dente way. Meaning the spaghetti with lobster and shrimp for 44 dollars was probably left under a food heating lamp a little too long and the lobster and shrimp were a little rubbery.
  • BEST scallops I've ever had in my life, and I'm a very picky San Franciscan when it comes to scallops



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