Red 8 at Wynn

Just The Facts, Please.



Dining Hours

Sunday - Thursday
11:30 a.m. - 11 p.m.
Friday - Saturday
11:30 a.m. - 1 a.m.
Dim sum: Served daily.


Hisham Johari


Southeast Asian

Price Range


Suggested Attire



By Wynn standards a budget Chinese restaurant.

Sample Menu Items

Red 8's signature dishes are roast duck and barbecued pork combo; sweet potato porridge with sage; and Mandarin beef stew.



Mavens Overview: Red 8

Red 8 at is what passes for a budget restaurant at Wynn. That means Red 8 is not cheap when compared to your favorite hole-in-the-wall Chinese restaurant, it is certainly less expensive than Wing Lei, the Michelin starred Chinese Restaurant at Wynn. The Internet Buzz is mostly favorable for Red 8. There is some quibbling about whether the cuisine is authentic and perhaps even more about the prices. The Prices are reasonable by Vegas, and certainly Wynn standards, just not as reasonable as your favorite local Chinese restaurant.

Internet Buzz: Red 8

  • It's a small place, tucked in a back corner of the casino, and although the walls are open to the din of the slot machine floor if you get a table near the back the noise is unobtrusive. The room is done in dramatic shades of chocolate and red with intricate tile and woodwork plus the requisite Asian design motifs you would expect.
  • Imagine if you took all the best Chinese chefs from all your favorite holes in the wall and put them into one restaurant. You've got Red 8. This is Panda Express on steroids, and it is noticeably better.
  • Down the hall, at Wing Lei, they have a much more pretentious Chinese dining experience that will cost you four-fold. If your taste buds know and enjoy the taste of money, then feel free to take your champagne glass and handerkchief-in-pocket down the hall. But if you want some food that actually tastes good and down-to-earth, then stop by Red 8.
  • The Food is authentic and tasty, but EXPEN$IVE. Let's just say my gf and I spent $80 on a meal that would've typically cost us about $20 in LA. Service is friendly and courteous Ambiance is 5 stars.
  • Mongolian beef. Now this is what they were thinking of when the Chinese started cooking. Juicy morsels of beef with crunchy green peppers and onions all mixed with a zesty teriyaki type sauce over perfectly prepared white rice - it just doesn't get any better than this.
  • Salted Fish Fried Rice: talk about authentic! surprised to see this on the menu and had to cringe a bit for paying $28 (as opposed to $7 in LA), but it was very tasty. We needed to fill up before a looong night of partying, so this dish did the job.
  • Red 8 at the Wynn is one of the few Asian restaurants on the Strip that is a nice sit-down and open for lunch. The ambiance is great and the service, of course, was very good. We had the Combination Fried Rice and the hostess recommended Deep Fried Chicken with Chili, which we tried and were very pleased. I would definitely hit this place up the next time for some really good Asian food!
  • Red 8 is basically like a fancier P.F. Chang's...which, in turn, is a fancier Panda Express.
  • Steamed pork buns - Amazing. Sooooo light and fluffy Shrimp dumplings - Very good, but nothing fancy Chicken Satay - The chicken was good but the peanut sauce was a little boring Pot stickers - Fantastic. Extra meaty. Sometimes pot stickers are all filler and no meat, not the case here. We left very satisfied but craving more pork buns. They were soooooo good.
  • I enjoyed the food at Red 8 but plenty of others I have spoken to do not think that the cuisine as is authentic as it should be for the price. While entrée's are relatively affordable the check seems to always come in right around $100 for two people.
  • There are some "market price" specials that can quadruple a bill pretty fast, but otherwise, this is a pretty budget-friendly option.



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