Okada at Wynn

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Monday - Thursday, 5:30 p.m. - 10 p.m.
Friday - Saturday, 5:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.


Masa Ishizawa



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Restaurant overlooks waterfall and lagoon at Wynn.

Sample Menu Items

The menu changes seasonally to keep the menu fresh and seasonal ingredients are used.



Mavens Overview: Okada

Okada at Wynn serves Japanese Cuisine, including sushi, teppanyaki and robata cooking. Chef Masa Ishizawa blends traditional Japanese dishes with his French culinary background to create his own modern fusion cuisine. The Internet Buzz is generally favorable, although the high prices garner negative comments.

Internet Buzz: Okada

  • The hostess seated us next to the waterfall, so beautiful and romantic. Dining area is half open to the pond outside, so we can feel the cool breeze on a nice summer night while eating.
  • California roll came out w/ fresh, real crab meat, and avocado so soft it fused into the rice. Gives me a whole new perspective on the California roll. Everything else was equally impressive.
  • We sat and enjoyed the Robatayaki station. It was good very good... But with the way the place is laid out, having Teppanyaki, Sushi AND Robatayaki, I felt the place was too ambitious and didn't focus/specialize on anything in particular... I've had both better and worse Robatayaki, and next time I'm in Vegas and craving some skewered Japanese stylized meats, I'll definitely be heading here - But I think I'd rather find somewhere that specializes in 1 style of food.
  • Great Japanese food... fresh sushi and excellent rolls. Definitely pricey but this is Vegas and the food definitely is worth it. My favorite was the $40 Lobster Roll... I know $40 is a little much for one roll but it's soooo good!! The restaurant itself is beautiful..
  • We came here for the prix fixe dinner and each got a bento box for $39 dollars. First off, this is the most expensive bento box I've ever heard of. It tasted like a 8 dollar bento box I've had in Montgomery, Alabama which is to say it was mediocre. The salmon was okay, the eel was the worst eel I've ever had, the california rolls were decent, the salad wasn't too exciting, and the soup was typical. The waterfall is cool, but I did not think my meal was worth what I paid for it.
  • Okada has a Sake Somalie. A single person knowledgeable in all things Sake. This has its benefits. A few quick questions and you will have a truly delicious bottle to compliment your dinner.
  • Eating here is an experience one would never forget. From the moment you walk in, you're transported to some desert island with a beautiful view of a waterfall and a lagoon. No matter where you sit, you have a spectacular view.
  • Scallops with Spicy Miso Sauce (Entree): The scallops were cooked PERFECTLY!! Unfortunately, there were only 3 pieces of scallops so you really had to indulge and pace yourself to keep yourself from inhaling it all at once. Although it's a "spicy miso" sauce, the sauce was not spicy, but it was quite delicious and flavorful.
  • Started the night off right with the Yellowtail Jalapeno Chile ($25) - thin slices of yellowtail topped with thin slices of fresh jalapeno chilies, tomatoes, cilantro and a spicy, ponzu sauce. Ddelicious! Next was the Variation of Tartars ($20) - tuna, salmon, yellowtail tartar served in a crispy taro chip fried like a taco! This was such a fun and creative way to serve the tartar. Loved it!
  • Obviously prices are high here but food sourcing is taken seriously. The Wagyu beef was very nice as was the beef on the Robatayaki and the grilled beef salad. Rolls were good and yes this place is pricey with smaller portions like any high end place.
  • Okada is Japanese fusion cooking at its absolute best. With scenic views of the waterfall, tranquil atmosphere, and delicious, innovative food



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