Bartolotta Ristorante di Mare at Wynn

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Dining Hours

5:30pm-10pm Nightly


Paul Bartolotta



Price Range


Suggested Attire

Casual business attire


Outside dining available in private cabanas, air-conditioned.

Sample Menu Items

This is the restaurant where fish is king. Whole fish flown in from the Mediterranean is the reason to dine at Bartolotta, period.



Mavens Overview: Bartolotta

Bartolotta at Wynn is known for its super fresh fish, which is flown in fresh from the Mediterranean.

...the result is as authentic Italian food as one can find outside Italy. Determined to produce just that, Bartolotta went to his boss, Steve Wynn, and insisted that his fish not just be ultrafresh but also be flown daily straight from the Mediterranean to his Vegas kitchen, saying "I can't make authentic Italian food with American fish." Wynn's response? "Give the man his fish." L. A. Times

The Internet Buzz is generally favorable, particularly the whole fish entrees.

Internet Buzz: Bartolotta

  • It seems everything that the Wynn does is very elegant and grand, and this two-level restaurant is no exception. As you walk down the stairs, the main dining room is in view, as well as cabanas encircling the restaurant's private pond.
  • When I heard we were sitting outside along the lagoon, I about fainted b/c the temps were 109 that day, cooling to a nice 98 in evening. "You asked for this table?", I wondered. Much to my delight, they actually AIR-CONDITION THE OUTSIDE, making it a wonderful, peaceful, cozy dining experience, with each table having its own canopied cabana.
  • I was pretty happy with the meal at Bartolotta. It's a beautiful looking restaurant, and the food stood up to it. Seafood is done very well here, and in a variety of preparations. Some of the highlights were the risotto and lobster pasta, as well as the chicken and snapper.
  • ANTIPAST DI MARE (seafood appetizer) SAUTE DI VONGOLE 18.00 I just have to say wow, the sauce made the dish. Had to keep dipping the bread in it til it was all gone and still I wanted more.
  • Oven baked imported Mediterranean fish, artichokes, oregano - The fish in this case was a Mediterranean snapper. I love light, white fish, and I loved this dish. The fillet was really moist with a light and delicate flavor. The tomatoes and artichokes provided extra flavor, but were mild enough to not overpower this fish.
  • sautéed tiny clams with tomato sauce, garlic, white wine, parsley - This dish had a surprising amount of clams, as we had been told the appetizers were somewhat small. The clams were perfectly cooked, and the tomato-based sauce was light and flavorful.
  • What reeks of pretention, but has the nerve to serve me a plate of bland pasta with overdone lobster stuck in its shell and no utensil to get it out? Did you guess the restaurant Bartolotta? Congratulations! You've won an overpriced, underwhelming dinner in a beautiful restaurant. This was the most disappointing meal of a recent girls trip to Vegas.
  • Super pretentious restaurant, but that's to be expected from a restaurant this pricey and located in the Wynn. It has all the trappings of a very fine restaurant, a fairly comprehensive wine list, multiple staff members serving you, and a very accommodating and discrete staff. The food was extremely good.
  • We arrived at 8.05 for an 8.15 reservation, we asked if it would be possible to be seated a few minutes early - we were told no even though one side of the room was empty. She glanced at the bar and as it was full she told us to go wander around -- not a great start. Once they were ready for us they sat us at a terrible table - right at the bottom of the stairs and next to the wine station. We moved to a slightly better table, but were told that the decent tables were reserved
  • fish is the thing here, mostly whole-roasted ones sold by weight. Sea bass, purple snapper, big eye and turbot are the English names, and there are others. Though it's infrequent, occasionally the chef will make you one in a salt crust -- a technique to seal in the juices that doesn't make the fish salty at all -- or alla Palermitana (green olives, garlic and tomatoes).



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