Valentino Restaurant at the Venetian

Just The Facts, Please.


The Venetian

Dining Hours

5:30 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

The Grill:
11:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Lounge Hours:
11:30 a.m. til late night


Luciano Pellegrini



Price Range

Tasting menus range from $65 to $85. with wine pairings ranging from $30-$50.

Suggested Attire



The restaurant has two sections, a less expensive Grille section in front and the more upscale and smaller restaurant in the back.

Sample Menu Items

Home-Made Black Tagliolini with Lobster Carbonara (bacon, cream, yolks and sea-urchin) $24

Seared Cod, Shrimp Tortellini, Roasted Tomato Broth, Crispy Polenta $35

Grilled Veal Scaloppine Marinated in Parsley Pesto with Soft Polenta and Wild Mushrooms $36

Pork Cutlets Pizzaiola Style with Garlic Mashed Potatoes $36



Mavens Overview: Valentino

Valentino at the Venetian is really two restaurants in one, the front, and larger part, of the restaurant is the Grille area, while the back serves as the higher-end and more romantic setting. The restaurant is a sister property of James Beard award winning Santa Monica location.

Valentino boasts a large, very large wine cellar, over 2,400 wines to choose from, enough to earn The Wine Spectator magazine's "Grand Award"

The Internet Buzz is mixed on Valentino, for both food and service. The split nature of the restaurant also receives mixed reviews. For those that have difficulty in deciding what to order, the are three tasting menu options, each with an optional wine pairing.

Internet Buzz: Valentino

  • Pretty amazing Italian cuisine can be found at this beautiful and romantic restaurant in the lobby of the Venetian Hotel and Casino...For dinner I enjoyed the grilled 12 oz. "Kurobuta" pork loin marinated in green apple brine with Gorgonzola mashed potatoes: Absolutely amazing! I am a big fan of pork and this chef made a perfect pork loin. It has been a few years and I still compare other pork loins, that I either order while dining out or make myself, to this one. Mmm.
  • Because Valentino at The Venetian had split itself into two eateries (the laid back Grille at Valentino and the more upscale Valentino Las Vegas), the whole spacing of the 2-in-1 restaurant was just plain awkward. Not only was I interrupting diners at the Grille, I was also being pushed way back into a darkened dining room which - to me - felt quite claustrophobic.
  • We ended up going to Valentino and I am soooo happy we did. It is an excellent restaurant with a very sexy atmosphere. attentive staff and delicious food prepared perfectly.
  • I got the gnocchi and my other half got the lasagna bolognese . The gnocchi was great, but -The bolognese was amazing!! We were "sharing" food, but at one point I gave over my gnocchi and stole what was left of the bolognese dish. There are no words. It was the most amazing bolognese I have ever had. I would have licked the bowl clean if there were no other patrons around. It was to die for. I am just sorry we didnt get 2 orders of that. We were contemplating running back into the Venetian before getting on the plane to leave and getting some bolongese for the trip home! We would've been the envy of all the other JetBlue passengers! Lol!
  • Got the "A Taste of Our Menu". And it was out of this world. It's essentially 15 bite-sized courses served 3 at a time on the same plate, with very good wine pairing for each plate. The courses and wine were brought out at a very comfortable pace with a brief description of each. I know I already said these were bite-sized portions but even before deserts, we were already full.
  • This restaurant was a great disappointment. I have been to the Valentino's in L.A., but this place was nothing like it. Unfortunately, the service was very slow...We had the tasting menu and wine pairing. Maybe two items stood out, but overall the food reminded us of mediocre cruise food with all dishes rather bland and tasting the same. The saving grace was the wine which was very good.
  • We were greeted warmly and taken to the "back" dining room which is quiet and romantic. Score one...Finally, now, 20 minutes in our wait staff shows up. She's a "Barbie girl" who says "like" and "for sure" and "you guys" --- in a supposedly 4 star restaurant??!! I know I'm in trouble. She says she'll give us a few minutes to look at the menu (we've had 20 already) and oops she forgot the specials, so she'll be back. Another 10 minutes go by. By now, I'm ready to chew the leg off the table...
  • Thank heavens I don't live in Vegas . . . there are now too many great restaurants there; I'd end up weighing 300 pounds . . . but Valentino's definitely continues to hold on to its spot as THE best Italian restaurant in this town, and one of my "Top Three" overall (along with Lotus of Siam and L'Atlelier de Joel Robuchon).
  • First thing is first. Pay the extra money and do the fine dining, not the Grill. It's worth every penny and your just gonna lose the extra $50 or so dollars you'll pay in slots anyway. You might as well enjoy your dinner and get more value for the money, right? Now to the restaurant: The Decor is beautiful. Very refined, very fine dining. Candle light, and large enough booths. Food: The rabbit gnocchi is out of this world good. Unbelievable.
  • The seven-course meal is an amazing culinary journey with Executive Chef Luciano Pellegrini behind the wheel. The first course is a smoked salmon, smoked in-house for 23 days. It is served with dill and smoked salmon panna cotta, asapargus and beet salad and a ciabatta crisp. The salmon is fabulous and a beautiful way to start the meal.



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