Enoteca San Marco at the Venetian

Just The Facts, Please.


Venetian, on the Venetianís Piazza San Marco.

Dining Hours

Daily: 11:00 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.


Mario Batali



Price Range

Entrees $15-$20; Pizzas $16-$20; Salads $14

Suggested Attire



Chef's Antipasti Tasting $25 available 3-7pm and 10-11pm

Sample Menu Items

Bucatini all’Amatriciana $18
tomato, cured pork, onion

Veal & Ricotta Meatballs $22
rosemary, polenta, tomato

Pizza Romana $18
tomato, mozzarella, anchovy, capers, chili



Mavens Overview: Enoteca

Enoteca San Marco at the Venetian is the second of Mario Batali's Las Vegas restaurants, and the more casual of the two. The restaurant is located in the central square of the Venetian shoppes or Piazza San Marco. You get the Disneyesque feel of eating in an Italian Piazza, without any concerns about the weather. Street entertainers perform throughout the day.

The Internet Buzz is mostly favorable for Enoteca San Marco. The pasta dishes. even the simple ones, get rave reviews. The restaurant is know for its antipasti Cured Meat and Cheese tasting menu. Cheese 3 for $14, 5 for $17, 7 for $21 Sliced Cured Meats 1 for $12, 2 for $20, 3 for $27

Internet Buzz: Enoteca

  • The ambiance and people watching were great - the fake plaza makes you feel like you're in Italy!
  • The setting is gorgeous: a faux Piazza San Marco that is always sunny, but not hot, and only one well behaved pigeon. The cafe, itself is charming with faux outdoor seating and a magnificent refrigerated tower for cheese and salumi.
  • This was my favorite meal in Vegas and I was really impressed with the food. Ordered a three cheese platter (Burrata, Parmigiano Reggiano, and Mozzarella di Bufala) with delicious condiments, black truffled honey, apricots, and the most amazing - brandied cherries! Seriously, my life will not be the same after tasting these.
  • The (secret) $25 Chef's Antipasti tasting at salad counter feeds two people. We got 3 cheeses , truffled honey , brandied cherry , yummy bread , maybe 4 kinds of house cured meats , farro salad , roasted beets , eggplant caponata , arancine (fried rissoto chz balls 3) , 3 meat balls made with proscuitto , a nice amont of the tastiest EVER fried caulifower , grilled raddiciccio w/smoked mozzarella and lastly two different tastings of biscotti. We also tried the wine tasting that was suggested $15 for 4 (I think 2 oz pours) very very VERY GOOD I don't think this deal can be beat.
  • My main course star was a braised pork shoulder with cucumbers and peppers. The meat was fork tender and the balance of cooling cucumber with spicy red peppers and crusty caramelized pork made for a perfect dish.
  • I've had about half the menu by now and haven't had one disappointing dish, but my favorite part of dinner is digestifs and dessert. Nothing beats the olive oil gelato with blood orange sorbet, try it with the 50 year old balsamic vinegar!
  • the real reason we came is is for one dish: Cacio e Pepe. This simple pasta dish-- which consists of pasta, premium olive oil, cheese, and pepper--was one of my very favorite dishes when I traveled to Italy... It needed a little more oil, more cacio and more pepe. It was just ok.
  • started off by ordering a cheese platter consisting of 3 different types...instead of choosing, we asked our server to pick out her top 3. i have no clue what they're called...but all 3 were awesome! we were also served focaccia bread with 3 sides...brandied cherries, truffled honey, and dried apricots with chile. the truffled honey was my absolute favorite!
  • The pastas we ordered were all phenomenal. Bucatini all'amatriciana - the tomato sauce is so simple yet so flavorful and the pasta is perfectly al dente. my favorite was my friend's roasted cauliflower ragu rigatoni with rosemary, red pepper flakes and romano cheese. So creamy and flavorful. I wish I could find the recipe even though I doubt I could ever replicate it.
  • The food is always wonderful here and it has the best value for your money without losing any of that unbelievable taste. Now this is my second time here and I love that the menu changes based on the seasonality of the food. Its a nice way to get people coming back as their menu does change every few months.
  • the Lingueine con Le Cozze (which is fresh Lingueine with Mussles). This was very tasty. You think it is going to be simple pasta you find at the Olive Garden or something and then you taste it.... its on a whole different playing field.



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