Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian

Just The Facts, Please.


Venetian Shoppes

Dining Hours

Monday - Sunday
11:30 a.m. - 1:45 p.m.

Sunday - Thursday
5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

Friday & Saturday
5:00 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.


Chef/Owner Emeril Lagasse
Chef Sean Roe


Steakhouse with Cajun Accents.

Price Range

Entrees $36-$52 extras like seared foie gras $20; Sides $9 each

Suggested Attire



Bam! Another Emeril Lagasse restaurant.

Sample Menu Items

Jumbo Lump Crab Cake $18 Confit Fennel, Tomato, Fresh Herb Salad and Herb Emulsion
Truffle and Parmesan Potato Chips $10

Emeril's New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp Petite Rosemary Buttermilk Biscuit $18

Traditional New Orleans Gumbo Chicken & Andouille Sausage $10

Organic Baby Mixed Greens Salad $13
Creole Spiced Croutons, Sherry Vinaigrette, Shaved Manchego Cheese, Teardrop Tomatoes and Red Onion

All of Our Beef Selections are Charbroiled USDA Prime Aged, Hand-Cut, Creole Seasoned and served with Maitre d' Butter

Bone-In Ribeye $52
Ribeye $46
Bone-In New York Strip 46



Mavens Overview: Delmonico

Delmonico Steakhouse at the Venetian is one Celebrity Chef Emeril Lagasse's Vegas restaurants. As you would expect from Emeril, he brings his talents for creating great New Orleans-style cuisine and marries it to more traditional Steakhouse items, all steaks are creole seasoned.

In spite of Emerils reputation, the Internet Buzz for Delmonico is mixed, with more favorable than unfavorable reviews. Many of the negative reviews are a matter of high expectations not being met.

While Delmonico's is known for their Steaks, many of the non-steak items on the menu are interesting and inviting enough to steer a meat lover in their direction.

Internet Buzz: Delmonico

  • Had the most amazing dinner here with my wife the other night. Very fancy restaurant, but gives off a warm ambiance...Food was absolutely amazing. My wife had the BBQ Salmon and she is still talking about it days later. I had the rib-eye and I have to say that it was on par with any other steak I have had.
  • The Kansas City cut (bone-in NY Strip) here is just so unbelievably perfect. It is seared on the outside with a beautiful medium rare on the inside. The texture is perfect. The juiciness of the meat is perfect. The salty flavor addition from the bone is perfect. And what really made it for me was the seasoning on the steak itself. Every bite had a little peppery bite that was the perfect combination of dancing around the edges of your tongue without being overbearing.
  • "WOW!!!" that's what she said... literally! lol, actually that's what we all said after we took our first bite into the appetizer Emeril’s New Orleans Barbecue Shrimp.
  • Lobster Bisque $12: Rich, velvety smooth with generous chunks of sweet tender lobster equals YUMMYNESS! The only complaint is it was a bit too salty for my taste. Four of my friends also had the bisque and complained about the same thing.
  • I ordered the cowboy ribeye which they are known for and the most popular menu item. I ordered it Medium. Cowboy Ribeye Steak- WORST STEAK EVER!!! it was over cooked too chewey and tasted old- I thought maybe it was just me but I had 3 of the girls taste and they thought the same- Really disappointed.
  • I believe its a little over hyped, the place isn't as wonderful as I was told. The service was definitely on par, however the quality of the food leaves something to be desired. The name carries weight due to its reputation in other cities however when I tried it here, it didn't live up to its own reputation.
  • It's so sad that what made this place so memorable was that it was so mediocre... and that my travel buddy and I got into a heated discussion while trying to decide who's "fault" it was that we ended up there.
  • Creamed Corn Gratinee ($9): OMG good--it tasted like a mac & cheese made with corn. The creamed corn was sweet and tender and was topped with a panko breadcrumb crust which gave a nice crunch to the dish. It was an explosion of flavor and texture combos in your mouth...sweet, savory, buttery, and crunchy.
  • My only complaint is the tables are too close together and if the people next to you do not bump you, the waiter does as he passes between tables. That was a real pain. They need to rearrange the seating. Ask for a corner table to avoid this problem.
  • I didn't come here for the steak...but the fish was just as good! Plus, this was one of the few restaurants that was still seating at like 10pm on a Monday night. A must try is the lobster potato gnocchi appetizer. It is heavenly! I want to order like 5 of these and make it into my entree! The gnocchi is prepared in my favorite way- toasted and a bit crispy on the outside. Yum!
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