NASCAR Cafe at Sahara(CLOSED)

Just The Facts, Please.


Dining Hours :
Daily 6 a.m. - 11 p.m.

are you kidding!


Price Range:

Suggested Attire:

Race fans and those with a need for speed will feel right at home at the world famous NASCAR Cafe Las Vegas Entertainment Center. It's an interactive experience that puts you right in the middle of the action! from NASCAR Cafe website.

Sample Menu Items:
Burgers, Burritos, and similar fare, all served with lots of curly fries.



Mavens Overview

The NASCAR Cafe is known for two things,a NASCAR memorabilia ladened restaurant and bar and a six pound burrito challenge, something even Adam Richman failed to conquer.

Note: The burrito challenge involves eating a six pound burrito within ninety minutes, it's free if you complete the challenge, otherwise is costs $20 The more manageable one pound burritos are $12. Here's the part that drives visitors to extreme annoyance, and the waitstaff too. You can not order the six pound $20 burrito to share. If you order the six pound burrito, you are taken to a spec ail "challenger table" which comes complete with internet webcam of your attempt.


The Internet Buzz on the food is fair to poor, with a few happy campers here and there, the service is reported to be slow. Thousand of popular restaurants. Fo


Internet Buzz

The restaurant has an upstairs and downstairs. The bar is open 24 hours, has video poker machines, and serves bar food 'round the clock. The bar also features a respectable selection of craft beers on tap.

We planned to visit specifically because we saw it on Man vs Food and were really excited to eat the 6 pound burrito. What they don't tell you is you can't order it unless you participate in the challenge. That means you are the only person who can eat it and you have to sit apart from everyone in your party at the front of the restaurant.

I got the spinach & artichoke bread bowl, which was huge! I barely made a dent in it, but I thought it was really tasty. We also got the chocolate pineapple fries, because we were curious about them. Well, they were delicious!! What a great combination! While the food is good here, it isn't great. It's just typical bar food.

It took an hour for us to get our food served. Food was ok if you like a pound of curly fries served with everything. Mine was ok, ordered fish and chips but looked like the kind you buy at the frozen food section. But I was so hungry I ate them all. Prices seemed overly high considering the wait time and the quality.

The Nascar Cafe has one redeeming quality--a decent beer selection. They've got a few microbrews on tap like Rogue, Sam Adams, and Sierra Nevada in addition to the standard fare. For a Northeasterner like myself, this warms my heart. The food and service doesn't warm anything.

I asked 3 different times to turn the channel so we could watch cup practice .. All 3 times i was turned down.. T I'm at Nascar Cafe and I can't watch Nascar.. Instead I have to watch baseball.. ..this is a bad experience if your a true Nascar fan...

we chose the Philly Cheese Steak with a side order of Chili Cheese Fries. While the fries can be ordered a la carte from a regular meal, I suggest spending the $2.00 to upgrade your basic fries in case you want a heaping of chili. So how was the food? Delicious. The sandwich was rich and hearty and could barely be fit in my mouth.

Signature Cocktail: The NASCAR, made with amaretto, vanilla vodka, strawberry puree and cream.


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