House of Lords Steakhouse at Sahara (CLOSED)

Just The Facts, Please.

The Sahara

Dining Hours :
Tuesday - Saturday
5 p.m. - 11p.m.

No Celebrity Chef


Price Range:
Affordable Elegance Tasting Menu
Available Every Day 5pm to 11pm
$29.95 per person

Suggested Attire:

An "Old School" Vegas Steakhouse.

Sample Menu Items:

Affordable Elegance Tasting Menu
Available Every Day 5pm to 11pm
$29.95 per person Includes:
Appetizer (Select one)
Strips of Calamari filet, fried and served with a Smoked Tomato sauce
Stuffed Portabella
Crab stuffed Portabella Mushroom, with Béarnaise and straw onions
Fresh mixed greens with your choice of dressing
Entrée (Select One)
Strips of grilled chicken breast, fresh garlic, teardrop tomatoes, asparagus, asiago cheese
Top Sirloin
Boneless cut of Angus Beef, perfect for grilling
Salmon Filet
Fresh filet grilled and served on a bed of Sun Dried Tomato Pesto
Crème Brule for Two
Classic vanilla Crème Brule with Chef's fresh baked cookies

Add a bottle of our House Wine $18


Mavens Overview

The House of Lords Steakhouse at the Sahara is one of the few places on the Strip where you can still experience an "Old School" Vegas Steakhouse. Grant it, this is "Old School" in a worn-out sort of way, but "Old School" nevertheless.

House of Lords is the budget-minded Vegas visitor's Steakhouse. They offer a complete dinner for $29.95, that would barely get you an appetizer at most Strip Steakhouse. See the "The Sample Menu" section, below right column for details.

This is the type of Steakhouse, when a comment on the Internet Buzz section says "The Food is Average, at best" you think, I can live with that, for a budget Steakhouse. House of Lords does garner more than you might expect of favorable reviews from its budget minded patrons. If you are looking for a budget Steakhouse meal, you could certainly do worse.


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Internet Buzz

House of Lords at Sahara Hotel and Casino is one of the few classic steakhouses left in Las Vegas. House of Lords was a favorite of celebrity clientele like the Rat Pack, back in the day...The years have certainly treated House of Lords well with elegant decorations, Moroccan tile and fixtures, a canopy of stars, stained glass and plush booths for a romantic setting.

I had the Peppercorn steak with the yukon mashed potatoes. The steak was cooked just right and the mashed potatoes were incredibly tasty!

I ate here using comp dollars from playing at the casino and was not impressed. The food is average at best. Calling it a steakhouse is a real stretch. My friend's steak was not served at the requested temperature and my fish was inedible. If I had been paying for the mean I would have been very unhappy. The decor is old and tatty and the place needs some TLC. The service was average. The one good point was a moderately priced wine list.

I love this place. I went there for the second time on my last trip to Vegas, and while my love affair for the Sahara has come to an end, my love for the House of Lords is just beginning. OK, first off, T-bone steak, mashed potatoes, green beans, a friggin' schooner of really nice cabernet (their wine glasses are huge and they poor big), and a heavenly desert involving chocolate and peanut butter.... $67 and that's WITH a 20% tip. There simply is no room for complaint in that.


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