Mon Ami Gabi at Paris

Just The Facts, Please.



Dining Hours

Open for Breakfast: 7am-11am Seasonally
Brunch: 11AM - 3PM; Sat-Sun
Lunch: 11:30AM - 3:45PM; Mon-Fri
Dinner: 4PM - 11PM; Sun-Thurs
4PM - 12AM; Fri-Sat


Terry Lynch


French Bistro

Price Range

Entrees $13(Cheeseburger)-$40

Suggested Attire



Patio dining available, with great views of the Bellagio Fountain Shows.

Sample Menu Items

Onion Soup Au Gratin oven baked with gruyere cheese $8.95

"Hanger Steak" butcher's cut, merlot butter $19.95

Prime Cheeseburger brie, blue or gruyere cheese $12.95

Croque Monsieur ham and cheese $11.95 - with egg $12.95

Classic Quiche Lorraine bacon, cheese, onions $11.95

Filet Mignon merlot butter, red wine reduction $31.95



Mavens Overview: Mon Ami Gabi

Mon Ami Gabi is a Chicago Lettuce Entertain You restaurant. Located at Paris Hotel and Casino, is probably best known for its patio which overlooks the Bellagio Fountain Show. While the Fountain Show and people watching opportunity may draw people to Mon Ami Gabi, the food holds up it end of the bargain.

The Internet Buzz is mostly favorable, with the food receiving solid reviews. The real star of the restaurant is the patio, with its view of the Bellagio Fountains. By Vegas standards the food is reasonably priced, with many entrees around $20.

Internet Buzz: Mon Ami Gabi

  • A French version of The Cheesecake Factory. I've been spoiled with too many Emeril/Keller restaurants to think that the ambiance was romantic or intimate. BUT it was great for a large group. Plenty of seating and the view of the Bellagio fountains (even inside the "covered" patio) was nice.
  • The top 3 words to an ideal property is location location location!!!!! Mon Ami Gabi has completely captured that. Not going to lie, but even if the food was bad, people would still come in, watch the Bellagio show, and probably leave a little unhappy but still glad they got a pretty good seat. But here's the thing - they serve GOOD food.. great food I would say and at completely reasonable prices, not to mention the free music / water show across the street.
  • This place is awesome! Great view, great steak, and great service. This is a must eat in Vegas for budget steak. The $20 hanger steak with mashed potatoes was great stuff. I know good steak and Mon Ami Gabi did amazing.
  • The french onion soup tasted great but because it wasn't hot, the gruyere cheese didn't ooze like it usually should. We also tried the croque madame, eggs benedict, and french toast. I think the food was all, on average, decent, but nothing gave it a "WOW" or spark.
  • Not too pricey for the amount of food you get, you can definitely order one entree for two and an appetizer and that would fill you up, they also give you warm fresh baguette as well. I had the sole fish with frittes and veggies and it was amazing... melts in your mouth and puts a smile on your face for sure! French onion soup was pretty good, it's a pretty big bowl so don't underestimate the portions they give you.
  • Was it a bit tourist-y to sit on the patio strictly to watch the Bellagio fountain shows? Yes! Was it worth it? Absolutely. Not only was the scenery second to none, but the food we enjoyed was a treat, as well.
  • I would recommend the Merlot butter filet Mignon but if you are not a steak fan then I would recommend the salmon. The salmon was just cooked perfectly, not too dry but absolutely moist and with the rice underneath with the lemon flavor it brought out the flavor of the fish.....yummalicious!
  • My croque-madame was awful. I asked for my egg to be over easy, and it came out dry, flat, and completely cooked. Not at all runny. (To his credit, the waiter noticed, apologized, and asked if I wanted the egg redone. I just wanted to eat and get going, so I declined the offer.) The bread was thin and dry, and the ham and cheese were thin and greasy. I usually expect Bechamel sauce
  • This is probably one of the best steakhouses I have tried. Its definitely a tourist attraction, but who cares if the food is delicious and the service is great..right?
  • We chose their classic cut which is pounded thin. I was worried about the doneness and tenderness of the meat, but was pleasantly surprised to have a perfectly medium steak that was anything but tough. I chose to have the béarnaise sauce . Their béarnaise was authentic and really quite good; Now, possibly the best thing about dinner were the impossibly thin and delicious frites that they serve. They are crispy, perfectly fried and lightly sea-salted.


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