Gardunos Restaurant at the Palms

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Dining Hours

Monday 11am-9:30pm
Tuesday-Thursday 11am-10pm


No Celebrity Chef.



Price Range


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Blue Agave Oyster and chile Bar Located inside Gardunos.

Sample Menu Items

Adovada Enchilada: Pork simmered in red chile topped with cheddar cheese. $13.79

Tacos: Three corn tortilla tacos served crisp or homestyle, grilled in our new wheat flour table tortillas, filled with your choice of filling(Chicken; Ground Beef; Shredded Beef). Served with refritos and arroz.

Steak Fajitas Served with refritos. Half Pound $17.29

Carnitas: Tenderized pork tenderloin, sautéed onion and bell peppers smothered in Hatch green chile. Served with a stack of table or flour tortillas. $18.39



Mavens Overview: Gardunos

Gardunos at the Palms is part of a small restaurant chain, additional locations in New Mexico. A separate Oyster and Chile Bar are located inside Gardunos.

The internet buzz is mixed. Rave reviews are few and far between, and the number of negative reviews are more than most restauarants would be willing to ignore.

Internet Buzz: Gardunos

  • For the type of Mexican restaurant that they are, Gardunos does pretty well. Fairly large selection of dishes, including both the usual favorites (enchiladas, tamales, tacos, etc.), some less common yet definitely Mexican dishes, and a handful of fusion/Southwestern stuff. Everything we had was solid to actually very good...the tortilla soup was one of the best ones I've ever had.
  • The design and décor of Garduño's at the Palms is much grander than most Mexican eateries. Garduño's is on two levels with outdoor dining on the second-level terrace and ground-floor patio.
  • Quite possibly the worst Tex-Mex meal ever served. I had dinner with my client and staff at this hotel in February 2010. What a disaster. It was so bad that everyone at the table commented on how bad the food was. Save for the chips and salsa, complete disaster.
  • Gardunos seemed to be the casino coffee shop equivalent of a Mexican restaurant at the Palms. This place was mediocre at best. The service was pretty slow, especially considering how unbusy the place was.
  • I had the coconut Margarita (pina colada on crack) with toasted coconut on the honeyed rim. The most delicious cocktail I've had in Vegas.
  • Sunday Margarita Brunch I cannot believe the Margaritas are so bad here, its an insult... anyway, price has gone up to almost $20 pp and that is NOT a good deal for what you get, the "buffet" is oh so incredibly small and although the food is decent there are waaaaay better deals around town, and cheap champagne ranks way higher for me than cheap margaritas.
  • On the menu, I found a number of tasty and hard to find Mexican regional specials like Carne Adovado and Hatch Green Chile's. In fact, I was so excited to see the Carne Adovado that I ordered it. A fantastic choice it proved to be. Simmered in a rich chile marinade and served with roasted potatoes and ranchero beans, I was in a little bit of heaven. On second thought, I might have been in heaven because of the delicious giant fishbowl Margarita that had over 6 shots of Tequila in it.
  • The chip and salsa were good, not excellent but good and a provided a good thermometer for the rest of dinner. I also liked the fact that they had a self serve salsa bar which included an avocado salsa! I love avocado salsa and this was a good one! Creamy with small avocado chunks and slightly spicy a great combo with the warm tortilla chips! Mm Mmm!
  • Food is blah, I prefer Chevy's over this place. Indoor decor is nice, service was so-so. Prices average (and we used a player's club coupon for $6 off for two).
  • I suggest the new mexican hatch chile bowl. I could eat that every day for the rest of my life.
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