Little Buddha Restaurant at the Palms

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Dining Hours

Sunday-Thursday 5:30pm-11pm
Friday-Saturday 5:30pm-12am


Gerard Canales


Chinese and Sushi.

Price Range


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The restaurant employs DJs to spin music, rather loudly.

Sample Menu Items

Wok-Fried Tiger Prawns glass noodles, black bean sauce $26

Little Buddha Roll: shrimp tempura, spicy crab mix, freshwater eel, avocado & sprouts $16

George's Lobster Roll: shrimp tempura, avocado topped with marinated lobster $20

Palm's Roll: salmon, yellowtail, spicy tuna, snow crab, albacore, avocado wrapped in fresh cucumber $20


Mavens Overview: Little Buddha

Little Buddha at the Palms offers both Chinese dishes and Sushi. The restaurant also features a large selection of Sakes, which they describe as follows.

(At Little Buddha) you will find several ultra-premium Sakes, produced by very small family owned breweries. Like great wines from the top estates, these Sakes are unlike any of the commercial ones that are normally offered in America and are complex, aromatic, thought-provoking, pleasure-inducing liquids.

The internet buzz is mostly favorable. The restaurant has DJs spinning music, rather loudly, which many diners found annoying.

Internet Buzz: Little Buddha

  • Being in the Palms, you expect it to be a bit trendy - and it is. The sushi was absolutely delicious! I had salmon, tuna, eel, escolar, and a rainbow roll. All tasted like it was pulled from the ocean and tossed onto my plate (with some nice prep work in between). It was a little pricey, but by no means over the top.
  • Good sushi. Friendly service. High prices. That sums up Little Buddha.
  • I had a platter called the king's roll. The roll had several shrimp tempura. wrapped around rice and seaweed. then a layer of spicy tuna, finished with a layer of avocado. It was tasty and interesting but didn't really wow me. There were 10 slices for $20 bucks. I think finishing the rolls with avocado just made for too much avocado. It's pretty rich.
  • This is the first restaurant I have ever been to that actually employed a DJ to spin massively awful music. If I wanted to go to the stupid nightclub, I would have gone. I just came here to eat, not to barely be able to hear my husband and my waiter talk.
  • Sushi was creative on the design side, but the flavor wasn't all that. Don't get me wrong it's not bad, but it didn't blow my mind.
  • The portions are huge! My favorite item on the menu is the orange chicken($20), this is beyond a doubt the best version of the dish that I've had. Its slightly sweet-spicy-pungent with a ginger-orange zest undertone. Its like a flavor orgasm in your mouth. Plus, being a huge fan of orange chicken, how could I resist! I'll put in a plug for their rice too, a flavorful, aromatic jasmine rice that's perfectly done.
  • Little Buddha is my favorite "nice" restaurant in Las Vegas. The decor is pretty nice, dark, soft lighting, its modern yet influenced by traditional Asian elements. You see this in the subtle details of the light fixtures, the pattern on the fabrics, the columns, the use of red and gold undertones. Its just a really nice looking restaurant, definitely unique!
  • Char-grilled chicken breast with an Asian lemon sauce is not to be confused with the thick, overly sweet gunk that is the prep in so many Chinese kitchens. Canales' lemon sauce is made with fresh lemon juice and lemon zest. The sauce lightly masks a whole chicken breast. Little Buddah's lemon chicken is a super dish.
  • As far as the service is concerned, its pretty good. Attentive without being prying, cordial without being "fake friendly"(as most service in Vegas hotel restaurants tends to be).
  • The only negative thing about the restaurant is the DJ, yeah, the music is pretty good, but its a bit would be fine for a lounge, but not for a restaurant.


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