Sushisamba at Palazzo

Just The Facts, Please.



Dining Hours

Sunday - Wednesday
11:30 a.m. - 1:00 a.m.
Thursday - Saturday
11:30 a.m. - 2:00 a.m.


No Celebrity Chef


Brazilian, Peruvian and Japanese

Price Range


Suggested Attire

Dressy Casual


SUSHISAMBA strip offers Happy Hour from 4:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m., Sunday - Friday at the bar. Featuring $6 aperitivo, caipirinha and mojito specials. Reverse Happy Hour begins at 11:00 p.m.

Sample Menu Items

Small Plates

Tuna Tataki white asparagus, fresh heart of palm, avocado, tatsoi, citrus soy $15.00
Seared Kobe Beef ponzu geleé, warm japanese mushrooms, truffled tofu crema $18.00
Salt and Pepper Squid dry miso, shichimi, sea salt, crispy garlic, smoked soy $14.00
Rock Shrimp Tempura bibb lettuce, tobanjan alioli, black truffle vinaigrette $18.00

sashimi tiradito
Yellowtail jalapeņo and lemongrass $14.00
Kanpachi yuzu, sea salt, black truffle oil $17.00
Tuna granny smith apple, serrano, lime $14.00
Salmon orange and mustard miso $13.00


Filet Mignon grilled scallion $19.00
Duck Breast sancho pepper vinaigrette $15.00
Berkshire Pork Belly butterscotch miso $10.00

fish and seafood
Spiny Lobster spicy ikura vinaigrette $25.00
Peruvian Bay Scallops butter, citrus soy, radish $13.00
Whole Squid lemon alioli $9.00
Hamachi Kama key lime and su-shoyu $12.00

Large Plates
Miso-Marinated Chilean Sea Bass roasted organic vegetables and oshinko $29.00
Chicken Teriyaki organic jidori chicken with purple potato mash, crispy shallot, aji amarillo $25.00
Moqueca Mista shrimp, squid, sea bass, crayfish with coconut milk, roasted cashew, $29.00
dendę oil, chimichurri rice Quinotto creamy peruvian quinoa with barley, manchego cheese, wild mushroom, fresh herbs $23.00



Mavens Overview: Sushisamba

SushiSamba at Palazzo offers much more than just sushi, such as robata grill items, kobe beef sliders, noodle dishes and more. As described on SushiSamba's website: There's also a hearty sampling of traditional Japanese, Peruvian and Brazilian dishes, including classic Japanese tempura, Brazilian churrasco and feijoada and Peruvian anticuchos, marinated skewered meats roasted over an open fire SushiSamba has a striking trendy atmosphere, complete with soundtrack and video monitors throughout the restaurant. This is not the restaurant to choose for a quiet meal. The Internet Buzz is mostly favorable, for both food and ambiance.

Internet Buzz: Sushisamba

  • The location is beautiful, we had a few pisco sours and a caipirinha (YUM!) at the bar to start and then moved inside for our dinner reservation.  We are all Peruvian and love sushi so this combination totally hit the spot!  All of the food was delicious.
  • The decor inside the restaurant is distinctive and a real pleasure to enjoy. The only drawback is that it was really dark, so it was more difficult to really take it all in. They also have a video playing on a projector that is good at setting the mood for the cuisine - Brazilian steakhouse meets Japanese sushi meets other stuff - but is sort of odd without sound and just like 1-2 second flashes of stuff. It reminded me too much of Clockwork Orange only without the taped open eyes.
  • They meld some crazy combination of Japanese, Peruvian, Brazilian and Freaking sexy. I don't know. But every dish, and we had MANY, surprised the palate.
  • One must-try is the kanpachi tiradito. Tiradito has gained recent popularity over the past few years and is a dish close to ceviche with Japanese and Peruvian roots. The kanpachi, a buttery jack fish, also called amberjack, melds well with its firmer texture, and yields to the yuzu, sea salt and black truffle oil. It was delightfully delicate in flavor.
  • The food here was delicious, moderately priced for a place in the Palazzo. For the life of me, I can't remember one of the pieces of sushi I ate. It came on a tasting plate with 4 other selections, and it was one of the most incredible things I had tasted in recent memory.
  • Yamato roll was expensive and small. I can understand why it's expensive but the price wasn't worth paying. I absolutely love tuna, foie gras, and caviar so that's why we ordered it.....but all those together on a roll just wasn't to my liking.
  • Uni nigiri was the best I've EVER had anywhere so far. VERY surprised! Also liked the nori (seaweed) around the uni because it wasn't too chewy. They don't put wasabi in the middle which is a plus for me since I don't like wasabi.
  • Sushi Samba puts an excellent spin on traditional sushi.  The fusion of Japanese and South American flavors are a perfect combination.  Since I like my food on the spicy side, I found that Sushi Samba adds that flare to usually very neutral sushi.  

    The one dish I found to be my favorite of the visit was the Hamachi (Yellowtail) Sashimi Tiradito.  Hamachi is always a great choice for its oil content, but along with the spicy/tangy sauce it is served on is a more than suitable replacement for shoyu.
  • Their Mushroom Toban Yaki was divinely creamy- we got ours with Bincho Tan grilled Lamb on top which paired quite nicely with those garlic chips. Their were five different kinds of perfectly cooked mushrooms in the mix, and all around it made for a unique filling appetizer. ($27/oz. 2 oz. min.)
  • We love Sushi Samba because it is so unique and soooo delicious. The fusion concept works perfectly and we have never disliked a dish. When dining here you must be adventurous or you won't understand the hype. You are not allowed to order california rolls, shame on you!!!!! Yes it can be loud and get very busy. Make reservations and be prepared to be in a trendy Las Vegas restaurant, there are no quiet spots inside.
  • As a sushi lover, I only eat fresh, perfectly cut fish and Sushi samba has this side down. I also LOVE their children's menu which includes the cutest bento boxes.
  • Suggested Samba Rolls: - El Topo ($14): My favorite. Absolutely delicious! Never had anything like it. Fresh salmon, rectangular-shaped sushi (as opposed to your typical round-cuts), melted Mozzarella cheese & crispy onions toppers - Rainbow Dragon Roll ($15): Freshwater eel, mango, red bell pepper, avocado. Need I say more? - Spicy Yellowtail Roll ($6): Fresh yellowtail topped with just the right amount of spicy sauce



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