Dos Caminos at Palazzo

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Dining Hours

Monday - Friday
11:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Saturday & Sunday
11:00 a.m. - 12:00 a.m.


Scott Linquist



Price Range


Suggested Attire



Adjacent Sala lounge offers a late night menu.

Sample Menu Items

LA CUBANA QUESADILLA $15 herb roasted pork, smoked ham, mexican cheeses, pickled peppers

DOS TAQUITOS $15 pastor chicken, chipotle braised beef, tomatillo-avocado salsa, refried pinto beans, poblano rice

DOS CAMINOS RANCHEROS $14 crisp tortillas, fried eggs, black beans, smoked ham, queso fresco

PESCADO VERACRUZANO $29 tres chile marinated chilean sea bass in a traditional sauce of tomato, garlic, spanish olives, jalapeņo, mexican oregano



Mavens Overview: Dos Caminos

Dos Caminos is a transplant from New York. A casual restaurant, with upscale leaning prices.

Guacamole is made fresh to order ($13) and is a signature menu item. Some people come to Dos Caminos just for the the guacamole. Unfortunately, the rest of the menu receives mixed reviews. The atmosphere and decor receives favorable buzz, even if some patrons would prefer to have the background music lowered a few decibels.

Internet Buzz: Dos Caminos

  • The atmosphere is fun, flirty and a casual-dressy place to have a great night out. Loud music pumps from the sound system and artful decorations give the restaurant a modern Mexican feel.
  • The best guac ever and the farmers veggie quesadilla is the best veggie quesadilla I've ever tried as well.
  • The guacamole was chunky yet creamy and was very fresh. It was good and addictive but a little pricey. The chips were really good and had a nice amount of salt. The chips also came with a trio of salsas. The tomatillo was quite mild and limey. The red salsa had a smoky flavor and a little more kick than the tomatillo. There was also a habanero salsa which was the spiciest of the three and was pretty good.
  • To walk in the place is very impressive, beautiful decor, great looking bar atmosphere, but sadly the food in no good.
  • Prices are a little high, but hey, it's in the Palazzo! The made to order guacamole was superb and the chips were hot and freshly made in house.
  • If you have higher expectations of a place, based on the price and the look of the place, you may be disappointed with food that is OK, but not great.
  • Really good mexican fusion. Love the desserts. Great atmosphere. Great customer service...Guac is impeccable btw.
  • The quesadilla was elegant in presentation and mmm! - "caramelized" onion isn't just a pretty brown colour here. And the thin slab of wild mushroom, so full of taste and perfectly grilled - . The zucchini was subtle and smokey and I kept closing my eyes in ecstasy.



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