The Pub at Monte Carlo

Just The Facts, Please.

Monte Carlo

Dining Hours :
Sunday – Thursday 11am – 11pm
Friday & Saturday 11am – 3am


Pub cuisine

Price Range:
The price at about $10-$15 per appetizer .

Suggested Attire:

Over 50 selections of beer

Sample Menu Items:




Mavens Overview

Formerly the Monte Carlo Brew Pub, now shortened to just "The Pub". Over fifty beers on tap. The food gets good reviews, with the exception that many feel the prices are on the high side.

Zowie Bowie performs on Friday and Saturday evenings their show features top 40 hits. There are large screen TVs around the restaurant for watching sporting events.



Internet Buzz

I was pleasantly surprised that this place was called "The Pub". It was very modern & clean. Definitely upscale...ordered an oven baked pizza - Chicken, Asparugus, & Fontina Cheese and one of my coworkers ordered a Margherita (which I took a small slice to try). Both were really good

There was no line whatsoever to get in. Yet, they collect a $5 cover charge. This is the first time we have encountered a cover charge at this place I don't mind paying that if it is worth it to go in. Carnaval Court, for example, is always great on weekends. Therefore, I don't mind paying the $10 cover charge during primetime... nobody just throws away a $5 bill. That is essentially what it felt like at The Pub .

We got the chicken and mango quesadilla and the chicken and asparagus flat bread (which is really like pizza). Both were great but the quesadilla was a little small for the price. The other table next to us had nachos and they looked fabulous and I will definitely be getting those the next time I come here.

So I used to LOVE this place back when it was called the Brew Pub, but apparently it has been taken over by someone else and changed to just 'The Pub'. The menu is sub-par, and the beers are alright but I liked it much better when they used to brew their own beer & give it to you in the yard taps at the table. The servers are nice & personable, but the food is WAY overpriced

We used to go to the old brewpub which we liked but the food was always just okay but we tried the food this time and were so surprised. We had the burger sliders and the pub fryer which was a selection of 3 fries with 3dips one of which was marshmellow yum yum!

The food and appetizer selection is great, i have tried their jumbo nachos and their chicken wings, they were all good.

Try and come on a Friday or Saturday night. Around the late hours of 10pm they have a live band: Zowie Bowie. They are pretty good actually! They are also very very energetic which I love! The girl singer is like an older Britney Spears and the guy is like Rod Stewart but who acts and dresses younger. It's pretty darn cool. They sing a lot of the popular songs and get the crowds dancing.

An incredible beer selection coupled with yummy burgers make here a fantastic place to watch sporting events. The one tv right above the stage is the biggest flat screen tv I've seen, save for tvs in stadiums and arenas. I had a good time. A little expensive, however.

Their motto is "Food You Can't Forget; Drinks You Can't Remember". I would actually agree.



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