d.vino Restaurant at Monte Carlo

Just The Facts, Please.

Monte Carlo

Dining Hours :
Open Daily
Lunch 11am - 3pm
Dinner 4:30pm - 11pm

Jose M. Navarro


Price Range:
Expect $35+

Suggested Attire:

d.vino’s has the "Enomatic wine system" which features 16 vintages that can be tasted in 2 oz., 5 oz., or 8 oz. pours.

Sample Menu Items:
Tagliatelle with a light alfredo sauce

Beef Carpaccio

Bolognese Burger





Mavens Overview

d.vino at Monte Carlo replaces the previous Italian restaurant, Market City Caffe" at Monte Carlo. Executive Chef J. Navarro, was previously at Bartolotta’s Ristorante di Mare at Wynn and Terrazza at Caesars Palace, focuses on classic Italian cuisine, so don't expect to find fusion or over-embellished dishes at d.vino.

d.vino, as the name would suggest, places extra attention on their wine selections. They even have a special machine, "Enomatic wine system" that allows single serving tastings in, 2 oz., 5 oz., or 8 oz. pours. A nice selection of Italian Beers is also on offer. The restaurant hosts monthly wine and cheese pairing events, where customers can taste cheeses from around the world, paired with selected wines, these events cost around $20.

The internet buzz on d.vino is mostly favorable, while the food doesn't garner many rave reviews, most patrons seem satisfied with their meals. Some feel the portions are small and more than a few feel the prices are on the high side.




Internet Buzz

We sat at the bar for a drink and I scanned the menu expecting to find yet another uninspired, sad-sack wine menu put together by some flunkie. Oops, I was wrong. Some pleasant surprises on there, including several more obscure italian reds, and an interesting assortment of beers from the same. Anyone familiar with Italian beer making knows that for years the best we've been able to procure in the states is Peroni or Moretti, neither which are worth the cost of shipping it over in the first place. Imagine my surprise when they had a good half-dozen microbrews, including a $15-a-bottle chestnut ale.

Food is expensive, but was prepared well. Service was more than adequate. Attire kinda business casual.

We split a five-cheese plate and the bolognese burger. The food seemed a little overpriced ($14 just for the burger), but the cheeses were tasty, and they were really nice about giving us extra bread, honey, and compote to taste them with. I would go back for more cheese, but probably not for a meal.

menu is limited, but they will make anything you ask. They did not even have calamari on the menu, but when I asked for it, they were more than happy to make it for me. I liked their buccitini, which is basically spaghetti and meatballs. Do not fall for their "special" of the day. My friend ordered their special, which was lobster ravioli and they brought out 7 or 8 TINY ravioli with minced "lobster" was NOT good. I thought the prices were somewhat high based on the quality of food we received, I paid approximately $100 for 3 people. (We did not order alcohol).

I had the gnocchi for lunch and it was really tasty, although spicier than you think it is going to be. Both of the people that I was with had pizzas and they said they were delicious. The wait staff were really friendly and knowledgeable about wine. We ordered a tasty and reasonably priced bottle of wine. Overall, a really great place for wine and tasty food!!

An insanely good lemon roasted chicken has succulent meat with crispy skin.

Not only did they have an intriguing (however small) wine selection, but the food was surprisingly good. I had the beef carpaccio and the truffle-infused papardelle with a glass of Aglianico. The carpaccio was fine and not disappointing, but the papardelle was fantastic: thin sheets of pasta and just the right amount of truffle oil so as not t ve overwhelming. To finish the meal, I had a chestnut beer from Italy. Thick and sweet, it was an ideal dessert dish on its own.

We ordered the Shrimp and Scallop appetizer and while it was very very small, it was delicious. For the main course we had some kind of pasta with Italian sausage. It was very delicious. While the food servings were kind of small for the prices, the taste was great. What took our experience to the next level was the service. It was amazing. Everyone involved in providing us with something that night was courteous, on time, and made the entire experience enjoyable.



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