Diablo's Cantina Restaurant

Just The Facts, Please.


On the Strip in front of Monte Carlo

Dining Hours

Open 7 days a week
Restaurant Hours:
11a.m. to Midnight
Sunday - Thursday: Dine 11:30 a.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Friday - Saturday: Dine 11:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.
Bar Closes at 2:00 a.m.


No Celebrity Chef, part of The Light Group


Mexican and Tex-Mex

Price Range


Suggested Attire



Located on the Strip, in front of Monte Carlo

Sample Menu Items

Diablo's beef chili nachos

Diablo's 15-ounce burger

The Mangorita -- a mix of Cabo Wabo Blanco, mango nectar and fresh lime



Mavens Overview: Diablo's

The same people that brought FIX, Caramel, JET, STACK and Mist to the Strip,The Light Group, bring you Diablo's Cantina. The Light Group is also behind BRAND Steakhouse inside Monte Carlo.

The Light Group seems more comfortable designing places with sizzle over substance or in the case of restaurants, atmosphere over food quality. The internet buzz on the food at Diablo's is mostly negative, the favorable comments mostly focus on the "fun atmosphere" at Diablos, which is just what one would expect from a company in the Nightclub Business.

The few favorable comments on the food seem so out of place, you have to wonder if they were written by professional shills. If you stick to the drink specials and use the coupons that are handed out on the Strip, and stay away from the food, you can have a fun, and reasonable priced time at Diablo's Cantina. Note: you'll also have to drink enough so that you don't notice the slow service.

Internet Buzz: Diablo's

  • Get their Crispy Rock Shrimp Tacos (with Mexican slaw & spicy chipotle sauce)! The shrimp was cooked perfectly, and the the spicy chipotle sauce goes well with the guacamole & salsa. YUM!
  • It was very loud and service was somewhat slow. It is probably a better destination if you're already a little intoxicated. It was also kind of expensive for what we got. I feel very "meh" about this place,
  • What a change in Quality, really dissapointing..... Let me just say the first 2 times I went to Diablo's I was blown away. The BEST margarita I have ever had. When we ordered it, we saw them hand squeeze the lemons. That was around 18 months ago. What a decrease in quality. We ordered the margarita pitcher again, and they squeezed 1 lemon for the entire $30+ pitcher, and the rest was the mix. You could taste the difference.
  • Unless you actually take advantage of the happy hour wheel offering drink "specials" or those $3 draft/"free margarita with an entree" cards handed out on the sidewalks along the Strip, don't expect to drink here on the cheap.
  • I ordered the bbq pork sandwich. My sandwich had so much salt on it I was drinking water more then eating.
  • With so many great dining options in LV, it's a shame we wasted our time on such a mediocre place.
  • The food at the restaurant was mediocre at best, yet way overpriced. The frozen drinks at the margarita bar are also way overpriced.
  • The service was horrible as they were slow and rude. I really like mexican food and wanted to eat here, but it seemed like too much trouble to ask for a menu or even a recommendation on a dish. I went about three different times throughout my stay in hopes of having a better experience, but no luck.
  • The food was mediocre. How can you screw up a burrito? They did. The rice was white rice smothered in tomato sauce. That is a far cry from Mexican rice.
  • Only the atmosphere and drinks save this place the food is horrid and service blows.
  • This place might be good as a nighttime hangout or to grab a drink and watch some sporting match on their wide-screen TVs, but if you're looking for a meal, stay away.


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