BRAND Steakhouse at Monte Carlo

Just The Facts, Please.


Monte Carlo

Dining Hours

Sunday-Thursday 5pm-12am

Friday-Saturday 5pm-2am

(food served daily 5pm-10pm)


Chef Brian Massie is Chef/Partner Light Group



Price Range


Suggested Attire



Restaurant open to casino.

Sample Menu Items

FOR 2 - 40oz ...$89 • FOR 4 - 80oz ...$165 • FOR 6 - 120oz ...$250
Includes Potato Gratin & Two Signature Sauces

ALL SIDES select three for $25
Black Truffle, Double Cream, Parmesan Cheese
Wood Grilled, Truffle Fondue Sauce
Shallots, Lemon-Thyme Sweet Butter
GRATIN - $10
Gruyere Cheese, Roasted Garlic Cream
Bacon & Caramelized Onion Stuffed, Sour Cream, Chives
"Yes, all the fixings"
"Gramma's way"
Lightly Sautéed
White Wine, Shallots, Fresh Herbs




Mavens Overview: BRAND

BRAND Steakhouse at Monte Carlo is a Light Group restaurant. The Light Group is know for designing night clubs, sticks close to its roots with BRAND Steakhouse, by combining a lounge, complete with custom DJ booth with the restaurant.

The restaurant is located in the center of the casino, and its open design diminishes the opportunity for a quiet intimate dinner. The Light Group sells specially priced bachelorette party packages, so don't be surprised if you're seated next to a bunch of girls wearing party outfits.

The internet buzz is generally favorable, many feel that BRAND Steakhouse offers a particularly good value for a Strip Steakhouse.

Internet Buzz: BRAND

  • This was one of the best meals we've since we moved to vegas that didn't make me cry from the price and I felt like I got a high quality meal. Not a bargain but for a strip hotel steak house was very reasonable.
  • This place is smack dab in the middle of the casino floor and the front is open out to the casino. Since we were seated towards the interior of the dining area, I hardly noticed the action out there, but I'd imagine it might be pretty distracting if we were sitting towards the front of the restaurant.
  • If you're a bread fan, it's worth coming here just for the rolls. The Caesar salad is good, but the croutons are what differentiate it a bit (anchovy paste, perhaps?). The steak was worth the money, the drinks were drinks, and the sides were a solid 8 out of 10. Kinda skimpy, but everything else is too filling to notice. Only downside, to me, is that the dining room is open to and borders the casino floor.
  • I made reservations through Light Group for the Bachelorette Package which also includes VIP access into their affiliated clubs and lounges in Vegas.
  • Brand isn't obscenely opulent nor expensive like many restaurants in Vegas. I felt it was a great value for the money, the staff was professional and attentive and it was easy to walk in without a reservation. In addition to the two steaks, lobster, three sides, three appetizers, two salads, we had one non-alcoholic beverage, two cocktails and one glass of wine, and our bill was $240. With tip, we spent $100 per person and left stuffed.
  • I had the Chilean Sea Bass, which was cooked perfectly- moist and tender, served on top of creamy risotto, which was, in fact, creamy, and just plain delicious. My bf had the Kobe beef hamburger, which came out on a rectangular plate with a metal cup of fries and a little glass jam jar of ketchup, so it was just cute to look at.
  • Went here after drink prices at a club left us thirsty! The lounge portion of Brand is great. Great, STRONG drinks, awesome DJ, and quite a few people having a great time.
  • We ordered the three sides for 23 dollars, and they were also excellent, but HUGE. I was so disappointed that we couldn't take them home for a snack later. We picked the mac n' cheese, which was creamy and delicious. We also got the lobster mashed potatoes, which were incredibly unique with delicious lobster chunks in them, and the wild mushrooms, which were buttery and very well seasoned.
  • This restaurant was a pleasant surprise...For our main course we ordered the "The Ultimate Steak"! This porterhouse come in 40, 80 and 160 oz sizes. we chose the 40.The steak was served already cut with the Porterhouse Bone upright in the center. The flavor was fantastic. The cut was prime and very tender on both sides of the bones. It was also accompanied by two sauces. Although they were not needed, they did add an nice flavor to the steak.
  • my only complaint is that the restaurant is open to the casino, so it really is not that intimate, but then again, i did kind of enjoy people watching too
  • The 2 for 1 drink card could only be used in the "lounge" which is the bar side of the restaurant. Our waiter told us that we could've ordered the drinks in the lounge and brought them over to our seats.
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