Andre's Restaurant at Monte Carlo

Just The Facts, Please.


Monte Carlo

Dining Hours

Tuesday – Sunday 5:30pm – 10:00pm


André Rochat



Price Range

Entrees $37+

Suggested Attire



Known for the Foie Gras Martini

Sample Menu Items

LOBSTER BISQUE puff pastry, lemon & sherry cream $15

FILET OF BEEF braised endive, anna potato green-peppercorn cognac cream sauce $50

MUSCOVY DUCK BREAST red rice, bok choy tamarind sauce $42



Mavens Overview: Andre's

Andre's at the Monte Carlo has recently finished a $2 million renovation. The result is a a two-story restaurant where a large wine bar with three large glass bottle sculptures by local artist Tony Milici greets patrons. The second level is occupied by three private dining rooms plus a cigar and cognac lounge.

Andre's is one of two restaurants in the Gastronomy Management Group, which was created by Chef and Restaurateur André Rochat, the other restaurant is Alize at The Palms. Alize is a single star Michelin rated restaurant. While Andre's currently has no Michelin stars, it is regarded by many as one of the better French restaurants in Las Vegas.

The internet buzz for Andre's is strongly favorable. The Foie Gras Martini is singled out for extra attention. The novelty plus the ceremony attached to ordering this $18 beverage seems custom made to attract internet buzz. Chef Gary LaMorte has been known to leave his duties in the kitchen to personally shave black truffle onto the Martini.

The 12,000 bottle wine cellar includes over 1,500 selections. The selection of Cognacs and Armagnacs seems nearly as large.

Internet Buzz: Andre's

  • This was by far the most excellent culinary experience of my life. The food was all at once superb, surprising, interesting, delicate, rich and beautiful. Additionally, the drink pairings provided by the sommelier provided a fresh palate and accented the unique flavorings of each course.
  • The first impression was how small the dining room was. Compared to the typical grandeur Las Vegas fine dining scene, it was quite intimate. We had the chef tasting menu and a foie gras martini. The foie gras martini was truly amazing.
  • Andre's has a very special place in my restaurant heart. I have been eating at Andre's at its original 6th Street location since 1982. Back in the '80s and early 90's Las Vegas was a restaurant wasteland. The one exception to that was Andre's. I have eaten at Andre's dozens of times and never had a bad meal ever.
  • Compared to the grand scale of most Strip restaurants, Andre's has always been exceptionally intimate, the perfect place for an undistracted romantic repast. But while it was once all old world elegance, the room has now been remade with Art Deco motifs contrasting complementary patterns of blue, rust, cream and brown--still subdued, but also convivial and whimsical. The ample staff augments that spirit with warm but studious service.
  • Foie Gras Martini! We came to Andre's just to have this intriguing concoction, fluffy liquid foie gras and black truffle. The martini had 4 different items on the plate The martini: The accompaniments: a poached apple with 5 spice powder creme anglaise, nutella ice cream, macerated raspberries and huckleberries, and toast points. Each item was delicious on its own but when paired with the martini brought out different flavor experiences. This was more than just a drink, it was an amazing culinary experience. The Fois Gras martini experience truly stands out. This is now on my "must-do" list for future Vegas trips. Oh, and it is less than $20.
  • The fois gras martini was BEYOND words. the chef came out and put additional shaved black truffles on the decadent beverage!! , it came with a selection of nibbles like berries and ice cream to be paired with the drink! for $18 it is the BEST DEAL, for what you get, on a martini ANYWHERE. It is a creamy blend of fois gras, vanilla and who knows what else. but very savory. still sweet. well rounded and a balanced taste on the tongue, just amazing.
  • omg, did I come on an off night? The food was mediocre. The scallops were overcooked and sour tasting. The pork belly was poorly cooked, the bottoms tasted like pork jerky which I almost choked on.
  • I think it's an extra special touch that the (young, skinny, & talented) chef Gary La Morte came out to help serve & explain his version of the food
  • The old school charm, sumptuous cuisine and fabulous service make Andre's the perfect place for an elegant night out.
  • I cannot get over the amazing color palate and attention to detail in the design of the room! The room is romantic, chic, and warm. The wait staff was just as friendly and welcoming as the bartender was. Our meal, also, was divine.



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