Stack at The Mirage

Just The Facts, Please.



Dining Hours

Sunday, Tuesday - Thursday:
5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Monday, Friday & Saturday:
5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.


No Celebrity Chef


American Bistro

Price Range

Average Check: $50

Suggested Attire



A Light Group Restaurant

Sample Menu Items

Bone-In 24oz Cowboy Steak $46
Bolognese $32 with 3 meats and red wine



Mavens Overview: Stack

Stack at the Mirage is another Light Group restaurant, so you know what that means, style over substance, which for a restaurant translates into ambiance over food quality. You're paying for the "vibe" here, which is beautiful, and very loud.

The Internet Buzz largely supports the style over substance critique. The food and waitstaff get mixed reviews, roughly even numbers of raves and pans. Most agree that that prices are high in relation to the quantity, if not the quality of the food received. However many seem to accept this with a shrug, this is Vegas Baby, high prices are part of the vibe.

Beautiful rippling walls draw in patrons with their inviting canyon-like structure and sleek hardwood design while STACK's amazing contemporary menu ensures that diners' taste buds are equally stimulated. From Light Group Web Site

Internet Buzz: Stack

  • If you happen to have superhuman mutant night vision and an affinity for good steaks, then this is the place for you. My filet mignon was DELISH, problem was I couldn't see it. The place was completely dark save for a few candles and by the end of my spring mix salad (which was fresh and yummy)
  • Great food, good looking staff and beautiful room!
  • Intimate but noisy. (I don't like to have to shout over dinner and I want to hear the specials the first time my server fires off with them)
  • We didn't even eat here, because of how we were treated when we arrived (with a reservation), and the unbelievable noise level.
  • The ambiance wasn't what I would call inviting-- sort of dark, presumably to dim the glare of so many sequined dresses flitting about. The service was..not great. I asked for steamed vegetables instead of sauteed and they couldn't figure that one out. Then I could hardly find someone after they forgot the sugar I ordered with my tea. I expected a better show.
  • If you want to experience a restaurant with different presentation, try this. If you want good food at a good price, try another restaurant. Our bill was about $160 bucks (with only two mixed beverages)
  • Lets first say that we are not 20somethings living on mommy & daddy's dime and don't go places to be seen which is the vibe we both got from here. I understand the Light group marketing concept which is have a bunch of hot chicks around and the men with money will show up. Gotcha. Makes for great people watching too.
  • 9 of us had dinner here to celebrate a special occasion. Of our 9 mains, FOUR were overcooked. The steaks had a texture of shoe soles. The lamb looked like it had been braised with a flamethrower.
  • The waiter suggested I try the Kurabota pork chop. I am a pork snob and I'm obsessed with anything pig. Besides, us Hawaii folks know how to cook up some delicious pork. It tasted like a normal pork chop, that I would've prepared on the grill at the beach.
  • Overall, we were pretty impressed with the food. I have eaten at FIX over at The Bellagio, and recalled there were some memorable bites from their menu too.
  • Food was good, but here is my only complaint: when I drop $150 for a 2person dinner I expect to be happy and sluggish, not longing for a snack 30 mins later.
  • Well this is a restaurant inside a casino on the strip, so obviously the decor/ambiance are awesome, the food is decent, and everything's overpriced.



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