Samba Brazilian Steakhouse at Mirage

Just The Facts, Please.


The Mirage

Dining Hours

5:00 p.m. – 10:30 p.m.


No Celebrity Chef


Brazilian-Rodizio style steakhouse

Price Range

Average $40

Suggested Attire



Servers bring long skewers of meat and carve it table side. Red and Green cubes are used to signal the servers when to visit your table.

Sample Menu Items


Slow cooked Sausage and Sweet Peppers
Honey Brushed Turkey Breast Roulade Wrapped in Bacon
Huli Huli Chicken Hawaiian Style
Churrasco Sirloin "Picanha" Style
Brazilian Style Baby Back Pork Ribs
"Alho" Style Chicken Legs
Ginger Soy Flank Steak
Slow Roasted Pork and Pineapple

Served with traditional side dishes of black beans and rice, sweet fried plantains, creamed spinach, farofa carrots, and a bottomless bowl of "Samba Salad" tossed tableside.




Mavens Overview: Samba

Samba Brazilian Steakhouse at The Mirage is known for their Rodizio style meal, where for $38.95 servers bring a limitless supply of assorted meats. Individual entrees are also available, including a vegetarian option. However, Samba is really a meat-lovers dream come true.

The internet buzz is mildly favorable. The consensus seems to be that the food is good, not great. Some complaints that the meat was a bit dried-out. While the focus is on the meat served on skewers, the sides generally get good reviews, including the salad.

Internet Buzz: Samba

  • The bread was delicious. The salad was so good. The plantains were so orgasmic. Then here comes the meat! I got so excited my eyes glowed like Dumbos. I loved seeing the meat in a stick. Yum. The adventure is totally worth it. I loved it and I will never forget it. Everything was so tasty.
  • Great price and amazing food! Brazilian Steakhouses can be too expensive. Samba is perfect, and doesn't sacrifice quality. Love the sides; cream spinach, black beans and rice, glazed carrots, chim-churri sauce.. Tons of great meats. Excellent Mojitos! If you're in Vegas and want to pound down some protein, this is the place!
  • It seemed like every 3 to 5 minutes there was someone standing next to me with a meat pole and a knife ready to fill up my plate. From the ribs to the flank steak to the pork with a pineapple slice - it was a meat fest all around. Great service and quality food.
  • Overall the quality of the meat was so-so. I'm basing this off of another Brazilian steak house in San Francisco (Espetus.) Folks in our party that had been at Samba before in the past had also commented that the overall dining experience has declined.
  • The salad was delightfully chilled to perfection, with an amazing house dressing. Perfectly dressed, I became excited. I mean, the salad is really incredible.
  • There wasn't anything glaringly wrong with the food, but most of just lacked flavor.
  • Among the long list of tropical drinks is the house signature Caipirinha made with cachaça, a Brazilian sugarcane liqueur that goes down soooo easy.
  • The selection of meats presented to us were fantastic, everything super tasty and perfectly cooked. The turkey shined, but I kept going back for the steak. The sides are the basic moves for a brazil inspired steakhouse on the Las Vegas strip, but you know what? They were all awesome...Us foodie snobs loved this place. I can't wait to be back!
  • They started out with two types of chicken both of which were too dry for my taste- lacked flavor too, then brought out a turkey wrapped in bacon which was really just excellent! next they brought out a roasted pork, which again was too dried out for me. then there was sausage which was decent, then there was a flank steak which was good, but the best dish they brought out was the sirloin! perfectly cook, melting in your mouth sirloin!



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