Japonais at the Mirage

Just The Facts, Please.


The Mirage

Dining Hours

Sunday, Monday, Thursday:
5:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.
Friday & Saturday:
5:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.


Restaurateurs and partners in all three Japonais properties, Miae Lim, Rick Wahlstedt and Jeffrey Beers (also the restaurant's designer)



Price Range

Average Check $60 per web site

Suggested Attire

Dress Casual


Late Night Menu 10pm-1am, small plates are $7 each, also $7 drink specials.

Sample Menu Items

Miso white miso with wakame, scallions and tofu $6

Hawaiian Hamachi thinly sliced yellowtail in a sesame soy yuzu vinaigrette $16

"The Rock" thinly sliced marinated new york strip steak cooked on a hot rock presentation $17

ROBATA - Skewered and Grilled on Japanese Charcoal - Bincho Tan
Smoked Kobe American style kobe beef with ginger wasabi ponzu sauce $32

Japanese Ribs half rack, hickory-smoked in a red miso barbeque sauce, served with truffled soy bean salad $24

"Le Quack Japonais" half maple leaf smoked duck with hoisin sauce, mango chutney and mushu wraps $34

Salmon Japonais nori skin encrusted atlantic salmon with horseradish oyster leek stew, shrimp and curry oil $27

SIDES shiitake rice casserole, steamed broccolini, sweet potato fries, truffled potato puree $8



Mavens Overview: Japonais

Japonais at the Mirage offers Asian inspired cuisine, including sushi. The restaurant offers a special late night menu, from 10pm-1am, which is convenient for an after "LOVE" snack. Japonais has both restaurant and lounge areas.

The Internet Buzz is mostly favorable, for both food and service. Many comments that the restaurant is reasonable priced, by Vegas standards.

Internet Buzz: Japonais

  • Japonais may just have knocked some of my other sushi favs in Vegas off of their pedestals Standouts: Chutoro & Otoro (both, like butter); Spicy Mono (this roll was soooo good, we ordered 2!!); the Tuna Flatbread; the Sweet Shrimp and Scallop Robata; and the Japonais Red Snapper. So, basically, everything we ordered was a stand-out. On top of the great service and the food, this dining room is gorgeous and they have a really nice sake list.
  • A trendy oasis in the jungle of the Mirage to grab quick appetizers and cocktails in the lounge. It's lack of walls in the lounge/bar area lets you look out and people watch as you chat with your buddies, sip on a drink and soak in the vibe. Happy hour is a deal if you're just looking to go easy on the wallet and taste test (lobster spring rolls, beef sliders, assortment of rolls-- beware, they are tiny portions).
  • Japonais had a late night menu of small dishes. We ordered the flank steak robata which was very good, chicken lollipops which were very good and lobster spring rolls which were passable. The best part were the prices which for the late menu are $7 a plate. Whole dinner with 2 beers was $30. A great find for a late night snack on the strip!
  • Crispy Shrimp and Salmon roll. It was awesomely delicious. Better be considered the fact that the 6 rolls cost $19! The shrimp were panko bread topped with soy marinated salmon and wasabi tobiko sauce. The wasabi tobiko sauce is what made the roll taste different from any other rolls I've had.
  • They had $7.00/plate appetizers, which we tried about 6-7 plates each visit. Some of their best were the lobster spring rolls, kobe burgers, along with their different assortment of sushi.
  • After seeing the Beatles' show LOVE, we discovered Japonais in the Mirage. I LOVE Vegas food and this our meal at Japonais was one of the best I've ever had in Vegas. Now, if only I knew how to pronounce the name so I could recommend it more often without embarrassment.
  • If you're staying at the Mirage, or just looking for a cool place to eat...I'd recommend Japonais. The decor was trendy, the staff was friendly and the prices were reasonable.
  • This is our go to Japanese restaurant on the strip. My favorite is "The Rock" which is a beef dish that is served raw. You cook the beef slices on the stone which is heated to 500 degrees. I've also been to the one in Chicago and have yet to be disappointed.
  • We shared the spicy tuna roll and spicy teriyaki drummettes. The roll wasn't anything special, very small. The drummettes, however, were very yummy. For our entree, we shared the salmon. It was very good as well. We were actually surprised. It was cooked very nice, not dry at all. It also came with some delicious risotto.



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