Wolfgang Puck Bar and Grill

Just The Facts, Please.


MGM Grand

Dining Hours

Lunch & Dinner:
Sunday - Thursday
11:30am - 10:30pm
Friday & Saturday
11:30am - 11:30pm
Late Night Hours:
11:00pm - 6:00am


Wolfgang Puck
Executive Chef
Scott Irestone
Pastry Chef
Sylvia Orellana


California inspired Puck Cuisine

Price Range

Average Check
Lunch: $18 - $22, including beverage
Dinner: $28 - $38, including beverage

Suggested Attire



Located right in the middle of the Casino.

Sample Menu Items

Signature Dishes
Wood-oven Baked Pizzas
Prime Burger with Vermont Cheddar and Onion Marmalade
Truffled Potato Chips with Maytag Blue Cheese

Wild Mushroom Ravioli, Peas, Caramelized Shallots, Arugula, Parmesan

"BLT" Maple Glazed Pork Belly, Arugula, Vine Ripe Tomatoes, Avocado, Grilled Vegetable Pasta Salad

Corned Beef Reuben, Sauerkraut, Swiss, Pretzel Bread, Potato Salad



Mavens Overview: Wolfgang Puck

Wolfgang Puck, you've heard of him, well this is his Bar and Grill at the MGM Grand. You'll have no problem finding this place, as it is right in the middle of the casino, with an open air design. The design causes a split among the diners, some feel the noise level is too high, others are just find with the noise, loud or otherwise.

The Internet Buzz is mixed, for both food and service. Some even take Wolfgang to task for his famous pizza, something about the crust being too soggy. Others rave about the food. The prices are reasonable by Vegas standards, but might be considered high for casual cuisine.


Internet Buzz: Wolfgang Puck

  • Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill sits smack down in the middle of the casino. It is pretty open to the casino with no big walls. Maybe it was where we sat or that the casino was not that busy, but the smoke-filled casino did not feel that obtrusive here. The decor has the look of a bright cafe with light yellow and golden brown colors and nice but casual tables and chairs.
  • This place is in a high traffic part of the casino so it's also really loud, which was intensified by an obvious bachelorette party seated next to us, lol.
  • The atmosphere was comfortable and casual, yet very appealing and not loud for being in the middle of the casino.
  • I went with the BLT - maple glazed pork belly, arugula, vine ripe tomatoes, avocado, and grilled vegetable pasta salad. Every ingredient worked well together, but the pork belly really stood out. Too bad I was too full to finish the whole sandwich. You could definitely split it with someone, as it does come with a pasta salad.
  • The pizza, which brought ol' Wolfgang his fame, was a disappointment. Oh, the topping was wonderful: plenty of dark, earthy mushrooms and a terrific taglio-something cheese. But the crust wasn't baked enough. We sent it back, and its replacement was baked a bit more, but it was still droopy and missing something. Then I realized that the texture was completely different from the hardened semolina wheat I trained my chops on in a lifetime in New York. This pizza crust could never rival that, no matter how long it was in the oven. The wheat is just too soft.
  • The wild mushroom ravioli in parm cream sauce was delicious. And filling. And mushroomy. OMG there was an over-abundance of a plethora of 'shrooms. Enoki, portobella, oyster, button, you name it and it was both in the sauce whole and minced inside the ravioli. I could not eat all of those mushrooms.
  • Top Notch, hands down, good food and drinks! Steak with the potatoes and asparagus, one of the best dishes I had yet to encounter. The service was beyond my expectations. Modern decor mixed with occasional pleasantries such as non abrasive check ins from time to time.



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