Seablue at MGM Grand

Just The Facts, Please.


MGM Grand

Dining Hours

Sunday - Thursday, 5:30pm - 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday, 5:30pm - 10:30pm


Eric Suniga



Price Range

3 course menu starting at $49

Suggested Attire

Business Casual


Jet-Fresh fish, meat, poultry and daily shellfish selections Open kitchens

Sample Menu Items

Signature Dishes
A la minute Poached Prawns
Angry Lobster Fideo
White Prawn Shrimp Scampi



Mavens Overview: Seablue

A Michael Mina restaurant, featuring Mediterranean Seafood. A wall of water installation and a large fish tank support the restaurant's seafood theme. Wood-grilled dishes dominate the menu, to mostly positive reviews.

The Happy hour specials, available Sunday-Friday in the bar area receives rave reviews. Oysters and Shrimp are $1 a piece, and the much buzzed about Lobster Corn dogs are 1/2 price.

Internet Buzz: Seablue

  • This place has fantastic seafood. From the moment you walk in you know you are in for a treat. The restaurant is very elegantly decorated and they add a little spicy touch with some LCD TVs lying around the bar in case you don't want to miss the game. The layout is very nice as well. Plenty of tables and booths for you and your friends to enjoy the delicious menu.
  • The happy hour here. not only is it competitively priced, the quality of the food is excecptional While the $1 oysters and shrimps are extremely tempting, do NOT come here just for them. Get their lobster corn dogs, chicken skewers and the calamari. Actually, just order everything on their HH menu! Trust me you won't be disappointed.
  • Their happy hour is a great deal shrimp and oysters for a buck each. The regular menu is also fresh I've had excellent halibut and sea bass. Even lamb and beef have been well prepared. I also appreciate that olive oil is the fat of choice, here.
  • I love their Grilled & Skewered Trio of appetizers that includes Tandoori Octopus, Shrimp BLT Wraps and Lamb Kebabs with a yogurt sauce. The three items are three of my favorite items on any menu anywhere
  • As is typical with Vegas, when you get a bottle of wine they are pouring it at the speed of light so your table drinks faster and they ask you if you want another. Why not but actually we'd like to taste it.
  • Happy Hour Drinking and noshing: $7.50 Lobster Corn Dogs: Cute and just have try these! $5 Calamari: Pretty good, but really good because of the price. $3 Chicken Skewer: Nothing worth mentioning... $1 Cocktail Shrimp, must order by half dozen: Best you'll ever have...SERIOUSLY!
  • The atmosphere was amazing and customer service was perfection. The food was a disappointment. This place is another classic example of paying big bucks to get very little food. Don't order the scallops. $35 for three? Please.
  • One of the more expensive meals on menu is the Paella this for sure is not Paella so this was very disappointing also multi cooking errors in the meats in this dish such as the rabbit was chewy,quail was like leather, broth tasted of salt,pepper and paprika (no trace of SAFFRON) and most of all THE RICE.......not Paella Rice or the style that makes this dish so. Here was the dish more like a soup.
  • I had high expectations going in and nothing really blew me away. My favorite was the naan bread with the dipping sauces.
  • the Bacon-Wrapped Chilean Sea Bass Tagine ($38) and it was SOOOO good. The fish was served with cannellini beans, manila clams, stewed tomatoes, shallots, and brocollini in a toasted garlic jus. The fish itself was so buttery, smooth, and tender that it just melts in your mouth. My mouth is actually salivating right now!! The cannellini beans were more on the solid side and the brocollini gave the dish complexity with added springiness. The manila clams were a little more fishy for my tastes, but it didn't detract from the other tasty components of my dish.
  • The food was simply fantastic! From their bread across the board to desert it was simply fantastic. I had the paella at the waitress' request and I am glad I did. Very good sized portions, filling, and extremely flavorful. If you are a Mina fan, you must try this place when in vegas.
  • I ordered the bacon-wrapped chilean sea bass, with toasted garlic jus, cannellini beans, and manila clams. The portion was hearty with a huge piece of sea bass and a lot of fresh clams. However, the smokiness of the bacon was a little too overpowering for the delicate flavor of the fish.
  • I had the seafood paella. It was delicious. Outside of Spain it was the best paella that I have ever had.
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