Rainforest Cafe at MGM Grand

Just The Facts, Please.


MGM Grand

Dining Hours

Sunday - Thursday, 8:00am - 11pm Friday & Saturday, 8:00am - midnight


No Celebrity Chef



Price Range

Average Check $15 – $25/person

Suggested Attire



You enter through a 10,000-gallon double archway aquarium.

Sample Menu Items

Rainforest Burger
Char-broiled burger with your choice of cheese. Served on a toasted bun with tomato, lettuce and onion. Add bacon or sautéed mushrooms for an additional charge.

Tribal Salmon
Atlantic salmon fillet seared on a cedar plank and topped with a roasted hazelnut and Frangelico butter.

Tree Top Filet
Center-cut, aged tenderloin steak is char-broiled and topped with steak butter.

Planet Earth Pasta
Italian sausage and penne pasta lightly tossed with olive oil and garlic in marinara sauce. Topped with fresh Mozzarella cheese.



Mavens Overview: Rainforest Cafe

The Rainforest Cafe at the MGM Grand is just what the name suggests, a cafe with a Rainforest theme, including a 10,000 gallon aquarium and animatronic animals throughout the restaurant. The place is a favorite for families with small children.

The Internet Buzz is almost universal in commenting that this is a place you go to for the atmosphere, not the food. The food is nothing special, and many comment that the prices are higher than expected.

Internet Buzz: Rainforest Cafe

  • It's called "Rainforest Cafe" for a reason. Nobody goes here expecting 5-star quality food, it's more about the unusual atmosphere...and it delivers in that respect. The food was good. Not bad at all, but not fantastic. But once again, you go here for the experience, not to have fine-dining.
  • The atmosphere won me over. It thunders and I LOVE the sound of rain and thunder. It's so relaxing here. You walk in and the first thing you see is a huge fish tank filled with tropical fish, right above your head...and in a tube that goes around the room. Then you see anima-tron elephants, apes and other creatures that must be fun for kids, because it's fun for me.
  • I did enjoy the lightning show/thunder they had. I did feel like a 5 yr old though gawking at the ceiling..but dont we all when we come to Las Vegas for the 1st time...? Now that I live here its nice every once in a blue moon to feel that way all over again.
  • Food is standard american fare- and little of everything in between- burgers, salad, some pasta, sandwiches. When i went with a big group of people, we sampled about 8-10 of their offerings. All are very forgettable.
  • Maybe we just got lucky, but the food was actually pretty good. I think it is a bit pricey though. I had the Tuscan Chicken, a friend of mine who is almost a burger snob actually like the $15 burger and the ribs were pretty decent as well.
  • I was craving the coconut shrimp. The shrimp was exactly as I remembered. Crisp, tasty, and with the sweet dipping sauce...??...DELICIOUS. But even better than the shrimp was the Tomato Bisque soup. OMG. If I could have licked that bowl, I would have.
  • I'm a sucker for Rainforest Cafe. This one, especially, because it gave me a chance to escape the tobacco smoke cloud that is Las Vegas. Service is friendly, and the place is adorable. Yes, it is a bit expensive, but prices are clearly marked on the menu...
  • WAY too pricey for what you get. Decent helpings, but just not worth the money. Chicken lettuce wraps - strange rendition that I wasn't a fan of (cold pickled cucumbers?), though fresh & sizable. Cobb salad - fine, kinda soggy. Certainly not worth $18. Lime Margarita on the rocks - actually decent.
  • The food was horrible. We got the "Chef's Special" appetizer (artichoke dip) , and it had absolutely no flavor. My husband ordered the buffalo wings and I'm pretty sure they came out of a frozen bag from the grocery store. I ordered a seafood sampler that had lobster, shrimp, scallops, and mahi mahi. You would think that would hard to get wrong, but it was terrible. No flavor, rubbery lobster, and just overall bad. The only thing I enjoyed was the drink I ordered, a Margarilla (margarita with orange sherbet). However I got it in the souvenir cup, so it cost be almost $20.


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