Pearl at MGM Grand

Just The Facts, Please.


MGM Grand

Dining Hours

Sunday - Thursday, 5:30pm - 10:00pm
Friday & Saturday, 5:30pm - 10:30pm


Kai-Wa Yau


Serving traditional Chinese cuisine with an essence of the Canton and Shanghai provinces,

Price Range

3 course menu starting at $45

Suggested Attire

Resort Casual


Traditional Chinese cuisine in a modern decor upscale environment.

Sample Menu Items

From Pearl Web Site

Signature Dishes
* Spider Prawn Dumplings
* Crispy Garlic Chicken
* Fire-roasted Mongolian Beef




Mavens Overview: Pearl

Pearl at the MGM Grand is an upscale Chinese restaurant. Chef Kai-Wa Yau focuses on dishes from the Canton and Shanghai provinces. The menu changes frequently to take advantage of seasonal ingredients. The Internet Buzz is mostly favorable, although there are many comments about the high prices.

Internet Buzz: Pearl

  • Yes, this place is pricey. However, so worth it! I love the attentiveness of the bussers, waiters, maitre d etc. The food is out of this world!
  • Probably my favorite Chinese place. We got the dumplings and pork ribs for appetizers, then the pork fried rice and mongolian beef for entrees. Everything was great, especially the dumplings and pork. Really, the pork is the star here, and you need to get it in one form or another.
  • Great food, good service. I love it here. I go with my co-workers and think it is some of the best Chinese around. A little pricey, but we found the portion sizes were big, so we share a few plates and it works out perfect.
  • The whole cod was delicious, an abundance of fresh cilantro and green onions on top of the fish's flesh, and enough hot oil ladled on top to flavor the whole dish, but not so much to make it greasy.
  • A chi-chi Chinese place. Very elegant, minimal, neo-deco decor and a menu with entrees ranging from under $20 to almost $50
  • After our not so great experience at Shibuya, the following evening we decided to try Pearl. Thankfully our experience was a lot better (and cheaper, ironically). We went with the fixed menu for $49 and were not disappointed
  • The chocolate lava raspberry something kind of cake with gold garnishment at the top was to die for. I was extremely stuffed at the end of the meal, but I would've napped and eaten dinner #2 there if the restaurant wasn't closing for the evening.
  • The tasting menu included prawn dumpling and minced chicken in lettuce wrap to get the meal off to a terrific start. The main course was a wok - fried beef tenderloin with scallops. The scallops were in a sauce that was just amazing - it made the shellfish just melt in your mouth. I do not know how it could have been prepared better. The only odd feature of the meal was that the tasting menu listed a variety of "french" pastries for dessert.
  • Pearl is beautiful. Very typical of a nice hotel restaurant; dark, sexy,, and inviting. The food is quite good. American-Chinese, not authentic Chinese. They're catering to rich Americans here, not rich Asians.
  • It was what I thought it would be, except the food was better. Definitely not authentic Chinese, but authentic enough. The hot and sour soup (usually my barometer) was good...sour enough, and hot enough, although for $9.00 PER BOWL it was overpriced.



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