Diego at MGM Grand

Just The Facts, Please.


MGM Grand

Dining Hours

Dinner: Sunday - Friday, 5:30pm - 10:00pm
Saturday, 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Bar: Sunday - Thursday, 5:00pm - 10:00pm
Friday - Saturday, 2:00pm - 10:00pm


Christina Olivarez



Price Range

3 course menu starting at $34

Suggested Attire



Vida! Latin Music dance party on Friday and Saturday nights. 1:30pm-4:00am

Sample Menu Items

Guacamole de Lujo (Tableside Guacamole)
A variety of wood-fire roasted and grilled salsas
Pollo al Horno con Mole
Pork Shank Pibil-style
Carne Asada

Roasted Garlic Seafood Diablo
Day Boat Scallops, Black Tiger Prawns, Salmon, Bass, Masa Dumplings, Tequila Blanco Sauteed in a Roasted Garlic Red Chile Sauce

Pork Shank Pibil
Yucatecan Style Pork Marinated in Achiote and Orange, Slow Cooked in Banana Leaves with Poblano Rajas, Black Beans, Pickled Red Onions, Habanero Salsa




Mavens Overview: Diego

Diego is the self described "trendy" Mexican Restaurant at MGM Grand. Not wanting any of that trendiness to go to waste the restaurant converts to a Latin Music dance party on weekends.

The brightly colored, predominantly red, decor and ambiance take precedence over the food at Diego. The internet buzz on the food at Diego is mixed, leaning slightly negative. Some of the negative buzz is due to the small portions served. Foodies tend have the most detailed criticism, such as too much lime juice in the tableside guacamole, which Diego touts on their website, the guacamole that is, not the too much lime juice part.

Internet Buzz: Diego

  • Vibrant, seductive and alluring ? Diego is a sensual experience upon entering. Bright hues of pink, red and blood orange are splashed on the walls, the chairs and carried throughout the restaurant. If you get a booth, your own interesting water wall element is located table side.
  • The Skinny: great complimentary chips and salsa and pork tortas do not take away from the surprisingly bland guacamole and greasy carnitas tacos
  • The decor is very trendy and not what I would expect in a Mexican restaurant...but this is Vegas, after all. Unfortunately, the food wasn't anything to write home about. We weren't very hungry so only ordered the tableside guacamole, taquitos.and a couple of mojitos. The guacamole was doused in far too much lime juice so all we could taste was lime.
  • I tasted the salsa trio and each was a burst of flavor. All of them were delicious- green chile and smoky chipotle were my faves. Then the meal went up a notch when the guacamole cart came around. The guacamole was made fresh table side. Ours was spicy and so good!!
  • For our main course, we shared the Carne Asada tacos. A large plate with the roast meat, grilled onions, black bean puree, and rice were accompanied by more of those corn tortillas that were so authentic, that I felt as if I was back in Mexico.
  • The standout dish was the goat - slow cooked and juicy and tender. Served simply with some flat bread - tip: add a little of the table-side-made guacamole to it for a taste sensation.
  • I wasn't prepared for the tiny plates of food that were brought out.. I ordered the chicken empanadas ($9) and couldn't suppress a laugh when 3 fortune-cookie sized empanadas came out on a tiny plate. Aside from the unexpected tiny portions, Diego's was just fine.
  • Based on the fierce, sexy campaign for patronage that was splashed throughout the MGM Grand, Diego was clearly looking to entice a sensual crowd into its space. But as the walls throbbed with bass and the red interior lighting cast a hellish glow on our faces, I was tempted to order room service,
  • The restaurant is expensive, and the bang for the buck was unimpressive.
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