Shanghai Lilly at Mandalay Bay

Just The Facts, Please.


Mandalay Bay

Dining Hours



No Celebrity Chef


Cantonese and Szechwan

Price Range

$50+(also see the all you can eat special in the notes section below)

Suggested Attire



ShaBu ShaBu
All You Can Eat $39

Sea Bass Salmon
Scallops Sliver Fish
Shrimp Mussel
Arctic Surf Clams Fried Fish Tofu
Beef Chicken Pork
Meat Ball (Beef, Pork, Fish, Shrimp)

Lettuce Napa Pea Sprouts Romaine Lettuce Cabbage Bok Choy Shoots Daikon Root Taro
Rice Noodle
Egg Noodle

Sample Menu Items

-Dragon Boat Shrimp; Garlic Sautéed & Orange Sauce Coated Shrimp
-Black Peppered Beef Tenderloin
-Fried Rice with Jumbo Lump Crab Meat & Egg Whites



Mavens Overview: Shanghai Lilly

Shanghai Lilly at Mandalay Bay features Cantonese and Szechwan cuisine. Tellingly the restaurant's designer Tony Chi has won awards for his design of Shanghai Lilly, but the Chef has not won any awards that I know of.

The internet buzz at Shanghai Lilly is remarkable consistent, and generally proceeds as follows:

Shanghai Lilly is a beautifully designed restaurant serving good quality food that is unremarkably prepared, the portions are on the small side, and the prices are on the high side.

There are some rave reviews, but they are few and far between.

Internet Buzz: Shanghai Lilly

  • Excellent service (especially for Mandarin only speakers) but the food was very disappointing. The food is expensive, though of very good quality, however there really isn't any type of specialty here that you can't get elsewhere for cheaper. This place is mainly for the show and decor rather than the food. Keep in mind I am very critical of Chinese food as I am use to home-cooked meals and cheap but good.
  • Gorgeous interior, excellent customer service and less than superb chinese food...The food was not at the caliber I was expecting. The won ton soup had little to no flavor, it was bland and lacking a little something. The hot and sour soup was way too peppery. That's all we could taste, couldn't find the sour, just white pepper. We ordered three dishes, the vegetable fried rice, sweet and sour pork and chicken cho mien. All three dishes tasted like stuff I order from my regular take-out place back in Fremont, China Chili, except I think China Chili's dishes are a little better.
  • It gets one star because of the elegant interior. It's pretty much Chinese fine dining Vegas-style...In terms of food, you do get the works for ingredients like Peking duck, Lobster lettuce wraps, Seabass, shrimps. But there's really nothing that stands out and grabs hold of you. It all tastes like ordinary, clean, non-greasy cooking in presentable plates over fine table cloth and polished silverware.
  • The pricing and portions is a deal-breaker. Unlike Chinese cuisine where you know you've definitely over-ordered for your table, this is the opposite. The dishes are in small portions and the waiter will advise you it may not be enough despite having a dozen on his list already.
  • Small portions and over priced. You are paying for Panda Express style food in a fine dinning atmosphere. You can spend about half the price at PF Chang's, for better food.
  • Shanghai Lilly gets one star because the restaurant is beautiful and looked very clean. The reason they didn't get more stars is the service was terrible, poor presentation and the food was decent but nothing special.
  • Been coming here since they opened in 99! Great Chinese food!! Cool interior, great service and fabulous food!! Little pricey, but worth it..
  • The food is delicious! For appetizers..we loooove their Lobster Lettuce Wraps!! And Pecking Duck is also a great appetizers to share with 3-4 people. For entrees, I personally love their Lamb with Ginger, Green Onion, Basil, and Chili!!! Goes great with rice. Also Mongolian Beef is amazing. If you like spicy food, get that!



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