Red , White , and Blue at Mandalay Bay

Just The Facts, Please.


Mandalay Bay

Dining Hours

“To-Go” Counter:
7am-11pm Sun-Thurs
7am-12am Fri & Sat

7:30am-10:30am & 11:30am-11pm Mon – Thurs
7:30am-10:30am & 11:30am-12am Friday
7:30am-3:30pm & 4:15pm-12am Saturday
7:30am-3:30pm & 4:15pm-11pm Sunday


No Celebrity Chef



Price Range

$20 ish

Suggested Attire



Expansive Menu includes a little bit of everything.

Sample Menu Items

REUBEN choice of corned beef, pastrami or turkey

BRAISED BEEF SHORT RIBS smashed potatoes, wild mushrooms, cabernet sauce and dijon mustard $24

BLEU & SHROOMS bleu cheese and sautéed mushrooms $16

RAW LITTLENECK CLAMS $11/$19 half dozen/dozen

AMERICAN BREAKFAST two eggs any style; house potatoes with onions, peppers and herbs; choice of sausage, applewood smoked bacon or ham steak; choice of toast with jam and sweet cream butter and choice of juice $16



Mavens Overview: Red, White, and Blue

Red, White, and Blue, at Mandalay Bay offers a little bit of everything, from breakfast fare, to burgers, to steaks and pastas, to oysters and clams. Unfortunately, the intenet buzz is not favorable, with a few exceptions. The Reuben Sandwich($16) gets more than a few shout-outs. The braised short ribs, a featured item also ganers some favorable buzz. Red, White, and Blue is a bit pricey for the coffee-shop items.

Internet Buzz: Red, White, and Blue

  • We ordered the Cesar's Salad, Chicken Sandwich, Pomegranate Mojitos and half a dozen raw oysters. The food was actually pretty good and the portions were huge. The oysters were very sweet and fresh. Just a little bit of lemon and horseradish makes it perfect. It was a good meal overall though it was a bit expensive (the total came out to $80 including tip).
  • Also known as "Red, White and Eww". If you're incarcerated at Mandalay Bay and you're seeking breakfast a la Denny's at Strip prices, this is the place for you. Mediocre.
  • I ordered the Texas burger! The bun wasn't toasted, the onions were old and limp, the avocado was turning brown and the patty was just average! Oh, and the fries weren't fresh either! I expected to get the best burger in the world for the $16 price tag! It was a huge disappointment!
  • Never as good as the first time... I came to this restaurant a couple of years ago and had one of the best Rueben sandwiches in my life. This time, I ordered something very similiar, the Donny Richman which is a corned beef, pastrami, and swiss on rye. Each meat was in its own heaping layer and the rye was well toasted but maybe my expectations were too great after remembering what a terrific Rueben I had the first time.
  • The restaurant has three places you can sit: Red: Bar area; White: Togo Deli area;Blue: more formal sit down. All three are part of one restaurant. The menu is the same, it's just where would you like to sit...The braised short ribs hands down is one of their best dishes. The meat was so tender you can shred it with your fork, no need for a knife. They caramelized onions, shallots in a sweet sauce and it was resting on a bed of mash potatoes.
  • Basically nothing to write home about. I had a wedge salad and a small steak. Kinda expensive. The food was way too salty.
  • We all ended up choosing the American Breakfast: choice of eggs, bread, sausage or bacon and juice. Definitely pricey at $16 and it was your basic forgettable breakfast. Most of our meals in Vegas fell into the expensive and worth it or expensive and not category. This would be the latter. Service was disinterested at best.
  • Big Jeff, in his endless quest for every city's perfect Reuben, of course went with that. To my surprise, he claimed this was the best LV has to offer in the Reuben department. This after YEARS of eating Reubens from one end of Las Vegas to the other. Weird. But you other Reuben-o-philes can do with that information whatever you like!
  • Food was mediocre and overpriced and served so quickly it was unsettling. I got a tuna melt. It was just fine. My companion got spaghetti and meatballs. It was just fine. We each had a beer. Our total was $61. When judging on value for your dollar, Red, White, & Blue just doesn't measure up.
  • We both had burgers which were good, but anywhere else would have cost us a third less than what we were charged. We ended up spending over $50 with tip for me and my husband, which was waaaaay more than we should have paid.



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