Raffles Restaurant at Mandalay Bay

Just The Facts, Please.


Mandalay Bay

Dining Hours

24 Hours


No Celebrity Chef


Upscale Coffee Shop

Price Range


Suggested Attire



Nice view from window seats.

Sample Menu Items

Filet Benedict; Huevos Rancheros; Smoked Salmon Platter; Raffles Exotic Coconut Pancakes

Grilled Shrimp Wrap; Hot Open Face Turkey

Main Dishes
Grilled Salmon; Roast 12oz Prime Rib



Mavens Overview: Raffles

Raffles at Mandalay Bay is a 24-hour upscale coffee shop. The menu offers a little bit of everything, from breakfast items and sandwiches to dinner entrees. The internet buzz is mostly favorable.


Internet Buzz: Raffles

  • If you decide to dine here, get a window seat, it's actually very peaceful with all of the plant life. ... The baked potato soup? Oh, freaking wow. That was delicious, and if you don't order this, you're crazy for missing out. I also had the chicken finger appetizer, and again, great. My girl had the hot open faced turkey sandwich, and it went three for three.
  • This was an OK meal, there were a lot of hits and misses. Hits: Baked Potato Soup, Caesar Salad (homemade dressing, yum) Misses: Gross tomato sauce on pasta, hot wings (over-breaded and not sauced.)
  • If you're staying at Mandalay Bay, Raffles is a decent place to have your casual meals, like breakfast and lunch. They have a fairly large menu with fair prices. Raffles is basically an upgraded and fancier Denny's.
  • If you want something light get the exotic fruit plate. It is loaded with pineapple, melon, cantaloupe, grapes, blueberries, raspberries, blackberries, and mango. It also comes with two slices of banana bread. If you want to indulge get the stuffed french toast. It's two huge pieces of thick bread stuffed with a cream (kind of like what is in an eclair) and topped with strawberries, raspberries, and bananas. Both meals are amazing and large enough to share.
  • My boyfriend enjoyed eggs benedict filet mignon with a huge serving of buttery hash browns. I had a simple fruit plate ($12) with 2 very sorry, forgettable pieces of banana bread. The food overall was good-- large servings, good presentation, heavy on the butter but not overkill. The eggs were not poached very well-- poached eggs should be somewhat runny, and these were quite solid. The filet mignon was tender and tasty, though. My pineapples, cantelope, honeydew, raspberries, blackberries, blueberries, and red grapes were somewhat fresh- as fresh as you can expect in Vegas.
  • Huevos Rancheros with eggs over easy: Don't wig out if you can't spot the eggs, they're under the giant mound of cheese, sour cream and guacamole. This was an awesome dish. I love everything about it. Coconut Pancakes: Ask for the mango butter on the side not on the pancake. The butter had a hint of citrus in it and I didn't like it but after I scrape the butter off it was hands down yummy! Ask them to give you a little bit of carmel sauce with bananas and the pancakes are irresistible.
  • I had the Prime Rib French Dip. The sandwich was piled with slices of med- rare prime rib! Very good meal
  • I have had salads, entrees, sides and appetizers here, and never had a bad meal In many ways, Raffles reminds me of Cheesecake factory, lots of different types of freshly prepared food...defintely worth a visit
  • The only problem I have encountered here is they are a little slow with seating. The menu selection could have been a little bigger but I found some things to eat. The portions were huge, the food hot and tasty and the servers were very friendly.
  • Wow I love this place. Best place to eat in the middle of the night. I always get the French toast which is FAT!!! Huuuge loafs of bread. PAstrami on rye is delicious. Club sandwich is amazing and wont fit in your mouth because it is so big.
  • Beware of slow service late at night. We had a drunk woman across from us screaming " I'm hungry every ten seconds" because of the slow service... I would have offered her some of my Huevos, but I was savoring every bite...



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