The Noodle Shop at Mandalay Bay

Just The Facts, Please.


Mandalay Bay

Dining Hours

11:00am-11:00pm Sun-Thurs
11:00am-1:00am Fri-Sat


No Celebrity Chef



Price Range


Suggested Attire



Counter and Table service.

Sample Menu Items

Vietnamese Pho & Beef Soup Beef Broth with Rice Noodles & Bean Sprouts

Hong Kong Style Pan Fried Noodles and Seafood Crisp Fried Noodles with Seafood

Steamed Seabass with Roasted Garlic & Black Bean Sauce



Mavens Overview: Noodle Shop

The Noodle Shop at Mandalay Bay is a traditional Chinese restaurant with an emphasis on noodle dishes. The internet buzz about The Noodle Shop is not favorable. Frequent comments are that the food is bland and over-priced.

Internet Buzz: Noodle Shop

  • Every single one of us was happy with our food, another reviewer said that they would rather go to Panda Express and that just blows my mind. The food at Noodle Shop was really well prepared and perfectly seasoned when we were there! Some of the standouts from the evening include the Pad Thai (both shrimp and chicken) the Pho (expensive for Pho but tasty!), the eggplant, the black bean chicken and a tofu dish. The lettuce wraps were tasty but the ones at P.F Changs are better (and I hate PF Changs). The place is a little pricey but it's a restaurant in a casino in Las Vegas.
  • My friend had the pork dumplings. There were only 4 but he said they were very good. The Tom Yum soup was good as well. For entrees we had the mongolian beef and szechuan shrimp. Good, but the place is pretty expensive so it should be good. It's decent and so I may go back.
  • I did not enjoy my won ton soup with noodles..It was bland and tasteless. Perhaps, I cant remember enjoying a soup less..and I am happy with Campbells
  • I got the shrimp, noodles, and XO sauce and while I had to add a good deal of chili sauce to spice it up, I thought it was delicious. I also tried the orange peel beef, the chicken with black bean sauce, and some of the pho broth which was totally yummy. Everyone I was with liked their food quite a bit!
  • Very disappointing, tasteless and expensive for what you get.
  • Food here....yuck! I ordered the seafood soup which tasted bland, others ordered the pho, Mongolian beef, etc, and all seemed like it was missing something... it seems they didn't even bother to taste or season well the food.
  • It's easy to find and centrally located in the casino. It's fairly large with plenty of seating, cute asian themed decor and seems deceptively nice. But . . . it is a disappointing lunch spot. I ordered the pad thai, it's a fair amount of bland food. It just didn't have a lot of flavor, from the chicken to the noodles - nothing. The peanuts were the only saving grace of the dish. . . Of course it's expensive, it's Vegas, but the quality of food and service did not match the prices.



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