Lupo at Mandalay Bay

Just The Facts, Please.


Mandalay Bay

Dining Hours

5pm-10pm Sun-Thu;
5pm-11pm Fri-Sat


Owner: Wolfgang Puck
Executive Chef: Eduardo Perez



Price Range


Suggested Attire

Dressy Casual


Another Wolfgang Puck restaurant.

Sample Menu Items

Ravioli ai Quattro Formaggi, Salsa di Pomodoro e Basilico Four Cheese Ravioli, Tomato Sauce, Basil $21

Filetto di Spigola con Fonduta di Pomodoro e Melanzane, Escarola, Pinoli e Pesto al Basilico Roasted Wild Sea Bass,Tomato-Eggplant Foundue, Escarole, Pine Nuts, Basil Pesto $33

Fegato di Vitello con Polenta, Pancetta, Cipolline, Salvia e Aceto Balsamico Calf's Liver "Steak", Creamy Polenta, Pancetta, Baby Onions, Sage, Balsamic $19

Pizza: Funghi, Cipolla Caramelizzata e Fontina Portobella Mushroom, Caramelized Onions, Fontina $13




Mavens Overview: Lupo

Trattoria del Lupo at Mandalay Bay is another Wolfgang Puck restaurant, serving Italian cuisine. As with most Celebrity Chef restaurants, expectations are high. Unfortunately, the buzz is not that strong for Lupo. Not that the food is necessarily bad, just not up to expectations, or in line with the price on the menu.

Internet Buzz: Lupo

  • This is not a great restaurant. Poor service, food just OK. Just OK.
  • Lobster risotto which is different from the risotto listed online. It had cherry tomatoes, garlic, basil, and tea. It was super amazing. The risotto wasn't too soft, and the flavor was great. It was a healthy portion as well, not puny at all considering it's a fancy restaurant. Pork chop with pork belly. The pork belly was nice and sweet, very much honey-glazed. The pork chop on the other hand was crispy on the outside and looked tough on the inside because I asked for almost well done, but it tasted just fine and not dry with the sauce it came with.
  • The food and portions at this restaurant was very good, however the service was absolutely terrible.
  • For a chef so famous and talked about, I'd expect his restaurant food to be of high quality, not a batch of salt and sloppiness! I've been to Wolfgang's express restaurant in Walt Disneyworld, but I think even that food was more appetizing then what I had in Lupo! I don't mean to be rude, but this food was in no way what I expected.
  • the worst meal in distant memory. Lupo looked like it had the best menu, nice atmosphere inside, and decent prices compared to some of the other Mandalay restaurants...I ordered the chicken breast piccata ($28). It was one of the worst dishes I have ever had. Normally you would expect your chicken to have a nice golden sear coating tender meat inside. My chicken matched the color of the plate and tasted like it had been boiled lifeless in some kind of onion powdered water- truly repulsive!
  • All I can say is that their bread and white bean dipping sauce are amazing.... for this alone I would come back... the hand made pasta was just meh- tasted like chef boyardee LOL.
  • My dish was one of the best, if not the best pork dish I have ever eaten. A Maple Glazed Karabuto Pork Chop cooked medium-rare. Way too delicious to even begin to describe. Came with some broccolini and a creamy polenta, I want to say cauliflower polenta.
  • I would definitely say that you will be eating great food in a very casual setting. Our server was excellent. I've worked in retail in a city that's visited heavily by tourists however, he displayed nothing but politeness and professionalism. I've read some other the other reviews and I don't really understand the complaints in price.
  • The food was nothing special though. The bread sticks that they started us with were very bland but the real bread that followed was great. I ordered the seafood risotto and it tasted decent but it wasn't anything special. It was actually pretty bland. It wasn't bad but I was really disappointed considering the price. I also tried the mushroom fettuccine and didn't enjoy it at all. It wasn't a bad experience but I felt like I could get a better meal for half as much at any chain restaurant. That's sad.
  • Great restaurant. The ambiance is classy, but not your usual over-the-top Vegas style. The service was helpful and the food was tasty.
  • I absolutely LOVE Wolfgang Puck restaurants. This place fell short of all of my expectations except for the service.
  • I had the three cheese raviolis (yes I'm boring, but its a classic!) in tomato sauce. I don't like tomatoes...but this sauce was ah-mazing! The raviolis were delish. They were cooked al dente and had a great little bite. Everyone enjoyed the experience. We definitely got what we paid for.
  • Unfortunately, the food wasn't very good. I feel like any top chef can come into a city and put his stamp on a restaurant and feel free to charge whatever he wants. Our spaghetti was just OK, and the prosciutto on our pizza was a bit stiff, and as such, unappetizing. While Lupo isn't horrible, there are much better places to go for the price.
  • The quarter chicken entree was incredibly delicious. The garlic and herb flavors just popped and the meat was tender with little bones still intact. I bet there was a whole stick of butter in that chicken, but my mouth was happy :)
  • I had a lamb dish served over ricotta gnocchi. Honest to god, I didn't want it to end. This was not only one of the best meals I've had in Vegas, but one of the best meals I've had anywhere, in a long time. Oh, I almost forgot. Everyone loves Wolfie's fresh bread. Here it comes with an olive tapenade (which is usually my fav) but also with a white bean spread which was amazing.
  • Lupo trades in traditional wood-fired pizzas, a specialty of Puck establishments. But the toppings Lupo offers are far from ordinary. Aside from standards like tomatoes and pepperoni, delve into opportunities like veal meatballs, caramelized onion, basil, fennel sausage, braised baby artichokes, porcini mushrooms, shrimp and pancetta.



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